Активировать WINDOWS 8.1 Ent и Pro MAC ключами от win 8 (часть вторая)

Активировать WINDOWS 8.1 Ent и Pro MAC ключами от win 8 -VIDEO Подробно можно узнать тут: staiki.net/viewtopic.php?f=441&t=23009.

Question by Lillie Mayne: way to fix lappy with broken screen and infinite setup loop?
I have an HP win 8 lappy I got for my bday last year. The screen ended up cracked one day when I left it on my bed to go to the pool( possibly the cat took offense to it) I ended up connecting it to a monitor and it worked fine
A while later a friend advised me to update windows and accept the upgrade to 8.1. When I went to install and it got to the phase where it had to shut off the comp and get to the setup it refused to use the monitor it was hooked up to for the display so I’m stuck in an infinite loop at this point since I can’t see anything but 1/4 of the screen. Any way to fix this myself w/o having to pay hundreds to get it repaired?

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Answer by Timbuk4
Hold the Fn and tap the F* key and wait a few seconds.
Repeat till you get the external screen on.

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