Ⓦ Grandia 2 (PS2) – 1080p Gameplay on PCSX2

Deep-fried goodness! ______ Game: Grandia II Platform: PS2 (played on the PCSX2 emulator) Developer: Game Arts Publisher: Ubisoft PCSX2 rev.5725 GSdx 0….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. it looks awesome but the english voice acting is super bad in this i think
    i wil buy or download the japanese one i can understand enough japanese to
    play games i even beat ryu ga gotoku 3 and 4 in japanese if you can beat
    that then every game in japanese is a walk in the park XD

  2. I remember this boss I was like a kid then. This boss made me mad but
    finally I beat it. Now I want to buy this game to relive the day of wiping
    this boss ass.

  3. Wolfwood, why are you using a capture card to capture your own PC, is that
    easier than using screen capture programs? Anyway, great video! I consider
    myself with vast knowledge about Grandia games and you’ve shown the same by
    using the battle system at your favor. Keep it going.

  4. how’d you fix the grey floor glitch?

  5. All these HD Grandia videos you’ve recorded further exacerbates the desire
    for an HD collection lol. Sure, 2 here has some graphical issues, mostly
    because of some textures and the attack video files’ resolution, but still.
    All the Grandia games would look beautifully enhanced and ported to a nice,
    neat, little collection for our current consoles. Heck, if Tales of
    Symphonia can get one, so can Grandia! (Another installment to the series
    wouldn’t be bad either lol)

  6. The voice acting in the game is great. You’re opinion is bad and wrong.

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