► How To Enable The Original Start Menu In Windows 8 / Disable Metro UI

The Windows 8 Dev Build is great, but the Metro UI has more than a few quirks. If you want to run IE 10, and still have a Start Menu, (or be able to find you…

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  1. Good audio but I cannot read what is on your screen ….

  2. i dont see RPEnabled in my regedit.

  3. in screen when I get in explorer it doesn’t show anywhere RPE option only
    a list of REG …anybody knows whats wrong ?? 


  5. Has Microsoft eventually gone soft in the head coming up with Win 8? time
    to switch to apple mac!


  7. Dis no werk fer me :( lik if u cri evertim

  8. Shame windows 8.1 did not implement this. Deeply annoying!

  9. no RPEnabled

  10. How did this mess ever make it beyond the design room?

  11. so why are millions of people getting classic shell or whatnot and not
    doing this?

  12. I dont have the RPEnabled folder.

  13. I don’t see this in Windows 8.1

  14. Someone Please help me.. :'( :'( I’m now using window 8 and now i wrongly
    make another account became admin and when i try to open the account it say
    “User Profile Service service Failed to log in. And another problem
    my PC Settings can’t open :( I don’t install any avast antivirus. I have my
    Avira antivirus and if i disable the antivirus nothing happens. So anyone
    have solution? And i update something yesterday and now my voice is
    missing.. ( No audio device is installed ) And if i want to download
    something from internet i can’t. Only from store.

  15. i dont see this as well in 8.1 after explorer

  16. The easiest way restore the start menu in Windows 8 is to download Classic
    Shell. It has a startup option that bypasses the metro screen and goes
    directly to your desktop. It also has an option that turns off the charms
    on the right hand side of the screen. If you want to access the metro
    screen it is still listed as a separate entry in the start menu.

  17. why change something that works? why Microsfot ! why!!

  18. are you randy from my name is earl????

  19. Ya got any idea how I can get rid of the help screen that appears on the
    left side with a big orange arrow in it?

  20. don’t see any RPEnable????

  21. Biz of tech ? a long time ago you name was blackOps something. Any
    copyright claim ?

  22. sad. to have to go through all this bullshit to make windows 8 usable. what
    a waste of money

  23. windows 8.1 help?

  24. I believe this only works if you had Windows 7 installed previously, there
    is no RPEnabled with my brand new Windows 8 computer 

  25. Should really tell you something that the Windows developers needed a
    freaking start menu to build windows 8 😀 why oh why would you ever take
    out the one thing that made your OS user friendly. 

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