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Question by : Youtube videos not running smoothly, why?
I just brought a brand new laptop a week ago and no matter what I do, I cannot get it to play Youtube videos smoothly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Laptop Specs.
HP Pavilion 17
AMD A10-5750M 2.5GHz
750 GB Hard Drive
Windows 8.1

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Answer by Hardik Rai_11
Hi Sheldon, and first of all congratulation on your new Laptop.
And now about the question, there is nothing wrong in your laptop but playing videos on YouTube or any other sites requires a good Internet connection. The faster the connection is the the more faster the video will load so I would recommend you to buy a good Internet connection which is fast.
Also download Adobe Flash Player (if not downloaded or installed on your PC) is a plug-in for YouTube which may help slightly to play video a slight fast but i will say you upgrade your Internet Connection

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  1. Suggestions:
    1) Make sure your using the latest version of Adobe Flash.

    2) Make sure your running the latest version of your video drivers.

    3) If your using wireless, try plugging in to your router and use a wired connection to see if that works better. Could be wireless interference from a nearby network is causing all kinds of packet retransmission issues.

  2. check out the version of the adobe flash player first. If there is no fault check the video Card driver.
    The fault should be there…

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