10 Essential Windows 8.1 Keyboard Shortcuts

My List Of 80+ Free Downloads: goo.gl/mmcnXq Craig The Tech Teacher teaches everything one needs to know about Windows 8.1. This series of videos aims…


  1. Floppy Disk drive… wut?

  2. You have 24,722 Subscribers, yet your videos get 100-800 Views :(

  3. craig im gonna sub and watch ur videos when u upload them 

  4. Great Video! Windows Key + C is another great shortcut to use. It brings up
    your Charm Bar to shut down the PC

  5. Sidewinder X4 <3

  6. Shared this on LinkedIn and also Liked the video!

  7. windows key + S does the search thing too. 

  8. Great stuff, just what I was looking for!

  9. wow this series really helps i have been using Mac all my life and its hard
    for me to change and adjust to windows
    Thanks for bringing up this series
    you’ve earned yourself +1 subscribers

  10. Great series!! This is my third video I’ve watched in this series. Very
    helpful. I just got a new pc(set it up last night) and it came with Windows
    8: hate at first sight. You have given me hope.

  11. question:if you change the pc name after you installed windows 8 then,why
    does windows askes a password even thou you never putted a password?

  12. Windows 7 had Flip 3D, but it was removed in Windows 8

  13. great info, thanks so much

  14. smart shortcuts , thank you Craig :)

  15. windows r to summon a “run” box

  16. very good

  17. good to know

  18. Man you on the ball!

  19. Nice! Though, as a techie type, I found the Win + X key to be invaluable.
    All the more common settings and config GUIs one would normally need.

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