2 How to remove the background disturbance while microphone recording(Windows 7 )

Worried by the background noise which comes while your video plays in youtube or in your media player .Surprised that the background noise can be so irritating . All web solutions advise buying…


  1. i cant find the microphone boost on my sound thing help please ! PLEASE
    PLEASSSEE it only has the top one!

  2. Your video helped a lot . Thanks !

  3. love your accent

  4. How to set this in Ubuntu OS, Please help me….

  5. Which Sound Recording Program Did you use?

  6. Thx it work! Thx for ur video I subscribe and plz subscribe back THX

  7. PLZ help me, when I record for youtube, everytime I listen to it, it makes
    the fussy background noise. SO ANNOYING! PLZ HELP!


  9. PLS help! how can i made my mic even louder? cos i get the normal volume at
    100 no boost and barely audible when i talking and even when i boost my mic
    there is a statik (or dunno what kind of) noise even when i dont talk which
    is as loud or even louder than my voice

  10. Thanks a lot for the encouraging comment .Glad it worked for you and sure
    it works .Shall be uploading lot many tutorials on Screen recording and
    voice quality .Hope to see you there .Cheer’s.

  11. Thnks bro…thats a nice tip..

  12. That is a function of the service you are using , try shifting from skype
    to Gtalk to yahoo ,select once which creates least disturbance ….the
    video was for microphone recording , for voice chatting , it is more or
    less a function of the service provider coupled with your good quality
    microphones –let me know if this helps

  13. hey thanz dude, but my problem is when i talk with my frnds online they tel
    they get noise from me .. but as u know i did the same u told here … then
    how to reduce noise like that.. thank u hope u will ans

  14. thnks for the great tutorial. but after doing all this, my voice is also
    getting recorded at low volume.. what do i do??

  15. dear brother, this really helped me. expecting more like this on screen
    recording, creating password protected virtual learning rooms etc. thanks a
    ton :)

  16. Thanks for this great tutorial! Works great!

  17. I may have someday 30 thousand tutorials for the same ……i have made a
    note for your request and will be making tonnes of tutroial for the same…

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