2. Intro to Backgrounds and Sounds – Game Maker 8.1 Tutorial

In this episode, I discuss more resources and some of the elements and features of Game Maker 8.1’s resource tree. I introduce both backgrounds and sounds, a…
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  1. You make me want to slice open 4 dictionaries and slap my literature
    teacher in the face.

  2. i like it i like it ! :0 😀 thanks sir

  3. Before I continue with this series, Imma tell you this series is an
    absolute life savor for me…

  4. nvm i figured it out, but now when my guy loses his lives the game doesn’t
    go back to the main menu.

  5. how could i have 1 background song playing for 1 room (main menu for
    example), then change to a different background song playing when going to
    the next room (maze for example)?

  6. i have the 8.1 lite and when i installed gamemaker it didn’t install
    sounds, backgrounds, sprites,etc. i basicly have to start from scratch but
    i don’t have that much free time to do it from scratch. any ideas?

  7. lisen dude you know much about game maker but you dont mencion it enough
    good im not shure of what you are saying for my too do

  8. he probably is a pro

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