3 Reasons Windows 8.1 is better

Use Windows that way you want. Access the familiar desktop from launch, pin live tiles to your Start screen, and switch between apps with ease. wndw.m
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  1. I already have windows 8.1 and I am loving I really don’t care about the
    start menu

  2. sorry, but still waits for win9….

  3. Where have I seen that ‘automagically!’ before?

  4. 3 reasons why everyone needs to stop having superiority benges over Window
    and iOS.
    1. It’s not a fight worth having.
    2. How good the systems are is based on preference.
    3. Nobody’s more or less of a human being just because you use iOS or
    What it all comes down to is they are both on the same level; if you like
    PC better than Mac then use PC, but if you like Mac better than PC then use
    Mac; stop trying to prove to everyone and yourself that you’re more
    superior than everyone else, you’re not, you’re on the same level as
    everyone else. 

  5. and i thought change is a good thing… people are still bitching about the
    absence of the start menu. apparently pressing *Windows+Q* to bring up the
    universal search and typing 2-3 letters to launch the app they want to use
    is a monumental task.

  6. Windows 8 is better for TABLETS than for PCs. And it was ALWAYS ment to be
    launched on PCs. WHAT WRONG WITH YOU, MICRO$OFT?!

  7. 3 reasons why windows 7 is superior
    1. No metro
    2. No “modern apps”
    3. No need to purchase Stardock’s Start8 to fix the start menu

  8. Just give me a start menu and get rid of the annoying “modern ui” and I’ll
    be a happy costumer :)

  9. There is only one “Problem with windows both 8.1 and 8 the “Problem is that
    for example windows are trying to kill / Crash your computer. What do I
    mean? For example they are trying to get alway sthe newest software and
    updates which is pretty good the most of the time BUT they are also
    downloading programs for example Intel Graphics card program, OneDrive ,
    Nvidia’s software. And all those programs are running at the background
    without beeing visible at the startup menu. So where is the problem? The
    problem is that you are getting more and more Hard Drive and RAM Power for
    programs that user probably do not need. So as a conclusion we have: More
    programs = More RAM + More Hard Drive Power = Slower Performance = 20-50%
    more chances for a computer to get crashed. So Please Microsoft try to fix
    this issue first and then move on on the “Design” Field. Thank you for

  10. Microsoft’s 3 Reasons why windows 8.1 is better are ridicilous.

    1. It loads the desktop right away…
    2. You can pin tiles to the Start Screen or the taskbar.
    3. Switch between your apps, desktop & Start Screen.

    3 Reasons Windows 8.1 is better

  11. if we can have it the way we want it then why cant we have a start real
    start menu?

  12. Apple OS Yosemite has at least 30 proper reasons thats its better than the
    previous OS.
    And its FREE!

  13. Wtf kind of reasons are these?

    1. Every Windows OS before 7 (excluding windows 1.x-3.x) goes to the
    desktop unless password
    2. You can pin stuff to your taskbar in every OS too

  14. … Actually we want windows 7

  15. WTH? Again metro is mixed with desktop!? If I click data/exe file in
    desktop mode I expect to open it in desktop mode and if I click data/exe
    file in metro mode I expect to open it in metro mode. This’s so obvious and
    intuitive that I cannot believe MS continue to do it wrong.

  16. Then OS X Yosemite comes by….

  17. When I hear people complain about Windows 8, I just think back to the big
    switch from a Windows 3.1 to Windows 95! Can people today just accept that
    change happens?

  18. I’m done with Windows. Been with it since Windows 3.11. Microsoft just
    doesn’t give a shit about PC users. Every third OS release and Microsoft
    goes completely off the rails. No more. I’m not letting them get away with
    this anymore. In priority Microsoft cares about… 1. Saving money or
    generating revenue at the expense of their users 2. Trying to gaslight
    users by skipping a OS number (really like we can’t see you polishing your
    turds!?) and 3. Dealing with problems they have caused only when the stench
    of it reaches the high heavens. Gabe Newell was right when he said ‘Windows
    8 was a catastrophe’ and that “users would rage quit PCs”. And here I am
    rage quitting Windows for good. Windows 10 should be Windows 8.2 and
    absolutely free to PC users as restitution.

  19. If You See This Comment Windows Please Put Support Back On Xp I Love
    Microsoft Windows Xp

  20. i Love Windows 8.1 :D

  21. Wow, they could only think of three reasons? Windows 8.1 is a load of arse.

  22. OS X Yosemite is pure gold against this 

  23. finally it has the desktop and the start menu!!!!

  24. I’d get a macbook and install windows 8.1! Best of both worlds :D

  25. Its great but windows 10 is way better, since 8 or 8.1 is just in beta

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