3D Printing Time Lapse Photography – Yoda

Time lapse photography of a 3D print on a Makerbot Replicator. This is my first print at .1mm layer height. There is a significant increase in detail compared to printing the same model at…

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  1. Looks great it does. Wish a 3D printer I had.

  2. can u print barbies on here? 

  3. I hope one day they’ll be printing organs for people. 

  4. Can’t wait for 0.05 or 0.01 mm height

  5. Was this printed with a high mid-chlorian count ?

  6. how long did it take to print?

  7. does anyone know how to make the center honey combed like that or does it
    do it automatically when you print it?

  8. 3D I was

  9. I’m 12 and I’m making things for the 3d printer it’s very easy. One if the
    guys who learned how to make everything came to my school and taught us
    stuff. I’m currently making a keychain with my name on it. It will be the
    first thing I make tho but it will be very cool

  10. How long was the process?

  11. First time saw a 3D printer in person I didn’t believe my eyes. I though
    its fake but how can it be when it’s half way through printing that
    structure. Feels like I just met the future in the present. Like meeting
    bumble bee from transformer.

  12. You might be able to get rid of the patchy spot at the top by making more
    layers when it finishes. Sorry if I’m stating the obvious.

  13. So this been around 2 years ago where was I

  14. Amazing!!!

  15. Amazing print! Subscribed! Do you by chance still have the gcode file for
    this so I can check out what settings you used? Or perhaps the profile? I
    have the same bot and I can’t get a clean print. I’m even using sailfish +
    sailfish firmware now but sailfish is a hassle to use with replicatorG.
    I’ve been toying around with the diameter, packing density ratio, and
    retraction rate.

  16. I am starting my own Company online and I bought a 3d printer and I am
    going to make chess pieces, glasses, and other items to sell online

  17. Looking good ! 

  18. wish i could buy a 3d printer i could make so many musical instruments it
    be so awesome 

  19. Mind blown …

  20. Instead of reading “MM” as “Millimeter” I was reading it as yoda saying

  21. Alien technology! !!!!!!!!

  22. Amazing!

  23. Guys everyone thats interested in 3d printers for only 600$ send me an

  24. how long did this take?

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