[60 FPS] PCSX2 Emulator 1.3.0 | Tekken 5 [1080p HD] | Sony PS2

60FPS viewable on YouTube is now here! Just select either 720p@60 or 1080p@60. Leave a comment if you have any 60 FPS video requests. Tekken 5 Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) using PCSX2 1.3.0…


  1. Filling in another 60 FPS request. Let me know if anybody has more
    requests for me to do 1080p@60.

  2. what are your System specs? this runs like butter

  3. is this pc or mac??

  4. So awesome! Can play Devil May Cry 3? Thanks.

  5. when 1.3 come out 

  6. Does this lag on computer? causing im planning to use this on my arcade

  7. thanks for the settings bro it is my favourite game.

  8. Did you run this on native resolution or upscaled? Also, can you specify
    what render settings are active? I’m asking because of the Nanco titles –
    native res problem I already described a couple videos back, if this is
    already fixed on a more recent PCSX2 build then I really have to fire up my

  9. graphics are awesome bro why dont u post its settings??

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