8 Things I Hate About Windows 8.1

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  1. “!#)(!/”#&)(!”/#&)!(“/#&)(!”/#&)!(“/#
    The worst part of it is that its so freaking fickle. I’ve reset my pc 3
    times because win 8 sucks. For some reason EVERY single programs installs
    as 32-bit when the system is 64-bit even the pc “info” says it. Don’t get
    me wrong I used to dislike win 8, and everything metro annoyed the hell out
    of me. I ‘ve tolerated it until now because I couldn’t afford win 7,But it
    won’t even install “Star Citizen” properly. The hangar module is 64-bit
    only but win 8 runs it in 32-bit.!!!!! And now I have to steal from the
    food budget to get rid of it :'(

    Summary; I hate windows 8

    Btw I’m bi-polar and have been in treatment for 7 months. I haven’t been
    this mad in 4months. To be honest I haven’t been mad 4months so its a big
    deal :P

  2. Exchange 2003 doesn’t work on 8.1 because microsoft gives all it products
    10 year support cycles, which is why windows XP was supported until last

  3. Win 7 FTW! Win 8/8.1 sucks…

  4. Should be 81 things I hate about Windows 8.1. I’m switching to Mac soon,
    grew tired of Windows 8. It’ll be a gaming only machine then. 

  5. His voice is kinda soft. Would be great if he spoke up a bit more the next

  6. Microsoft needs to get their shit together

  7. exactly what I hate, I wish they could have kept the messaging app :(

  8. My photos arent cropped >_>, I checked my Surface Pro, Alieware and Asus.
    Maybe it is something to do with screen size?

  9. Can i say because Microsoft put a tighter security in Windows 8.1?

  10. Top thing that sucks about Windows 8.1:

    It’s still Windows.

  11. shouldn’t it be 8.1 things you hate?

  12. Is this guy new? I don’t recall any videos with him hosting on this
    channel. And at risk of being called a hater, his voice/tone during this
    video was kind of bland when compared to other common video makers at

  13. number 9: metro mode still exists!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I hate how I can’t choose my accent colour, and have it actually serve a

  15. What i hate about Windows 8.1 – BSOD. It has crashed multiple times
    already, where Windows 8 never did. I use official rellease with genuine
    key so it’s far from “the most stable Windows ever”

  16. Kill Windows 8 with fire. Not interested in making my PC into a Windows
    tablet. Loved Windows 7. 

  17. Tablet should be metro only and desktop pc should be desktop only. That’s
    what I like.

  18. to be honest these things aren’t bad things because 1: I Dont use exchange
    2003, 2: I dont use the photo gallery app, 3: I dont send things over
    email, 4: I dont have an exchange account.

  19. gotta love those pictures from the photos app. lol. thank you for both
    videos. some of those things you pointed out in this particular vid are
    quite annoying. what to expect when phone and rt to merge? hmmm……

  20. Well, he had some interesting photos!

  21. None of these matter to me

  22. He Save Sexy & Hot girl photos o.O are you kidding me “4ever alone !!” 

  23. It is a real shame that Microsoft is not getting the full integration
    across its multiple accounts and devices. SkyDrive is the best cloud
    integration across them, but Calendar can’t do it?? It is showing
    inconsistencies that need to be acomplished.

  24. i’m sticking to 7 thanks

  25. … this things are not even a problem if u use a normal desktop.. sooo

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