8 Things I Love About Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is the hot new operating system from Microsoft that’s designed to appease and improve upon some of the criticisms that last year’s Windows 8 was …
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  1. What dows he say @ 1:11 ? “Windows hee e oo ischell eueueueueee”? 

  2. I think your intro music is always too loud compared to the dialog volume.

  3. @Duk Nilch “Windows 8 originally only allowed you to snap 2 Apps on the
    screen at a time.” My English is not perfect as well, but i understand it

  4. What windows tablet are you using running Pr, AE, and Ps?

  5. Wow, Taylor really let himself go

  6. I realize this channel is about pocket devices but i am about to get a
    laptop with windows 8.1 preinstalled without touch capabilities and i want
    to know how to best deal with this limitation. I want to know if i should
    invest in a touch screen mod, get a touch pen, or use my android to remote
    control the pointer. Any advise

  7. I just can’t get past the “Modern UI” (formerly Metro) – I know some people
    love it, but for me it just does not work , it’s ugly and way too busy with
    stupid blinking flying tiles everywhere competing for your attention, and I
    hate it with the intensity of a thousand suns. Unfortunately I work for
    corporates who are all moving to Windows 8.1 in the near future, so unlucky
    for me.

  8. greatest thing about 8.1 on a laptop or a pc……. it boots in the desktop
    mode and not metro mode :D

  9. wow idk who this guy is but he makes the video so lame ugh I can’t watch,
    please don’t make any more

  10. After years of getting used to using Windows 7 and XP, I’ve gotten really
    dizzy when using Windows 8. Everything just seems to big and it’s hard to
    get around. I could hardly close running programs to save RAM and battery,
    and more frankly, I just want to close them coz I don’t use them.

    Even if I use the desktop mode, most apps would direct me to the Windows 8
    version of it. Ugh I simply get annoyed. And things don’t seem to integrate
    with each other. The Computer can only be opened in desktop mode. Even with
    a tile shortcut, it would still direct me to the desktop…

  11. I just go to my desktop & use Mozilla or chrome. Browser to do whatever I
    have to do because some of the apps like YouTube video downloaders…

  12. Lol my friend you look like tired vegetarian trol, wtf 

  13. It’s really nice video but some of the app don’t work at all. ..

  14. old Christopher Mintz-Plasse

  15. 4th but seriously I love windows 8.1 i had it on my previous laptop and my
    new one has windows 7 and its so hard to make the transition back to
    windows 7 especially with the metro start menu and the speed because its
    just so stable and snappy. might consider upgrading to 8.1 on my new one

  16. Hello! Anybody knows how to launch multiple Itunes libraries on Windows 8?
    Holding shift-button doesn’t work!

  17. I love the way skydrive integrates fully and has online and offline modes
    for files but both act the same regardless when on the web

    I also love the keyboard with the swipe up for numbers, the predictive not
    so much

  18. and the 500 things WE DISLIKE? its a piece of crap

  19. Adam should do more videos because he is genuine and says it like it is 

  20. 26

  21. DPI, better DPI for retina screen! You suck Adam!

  22. I can’t updae to windows 8.1

  23. ATM I have a android tablet, but I think my next tablet will be a windows
    8.1. I just like how it looks and how smooth it is. People will probably
    rage at me but I actually like this UI. I have a android phone, windows 7
    laptop and my next gadget will be a windows 8.1 tablet :D.

  24. Ur awkward speak up

  25. No One Like Apple ..Apple is the best

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