8 to XP Pack – Make Windows 8 look like XP!

Soon to come – Windows 8.1 to XP Pack, much better than this one! Promise :) Just in time for the RTM! This pack uses parts from the old “7 to XP Pack” made …

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  1. I think your meant to use a theme patcher

  2. well you also have to make it sound and boot like xp

  3. how about the start menu????

  4. one thing is bad abaut this it lost the basic

  5. I think XP is better.


  7. Except it’s not receiving any security fixes. Enjoy having someone root
    your box and send your naked photos to all your friends and family via your
    own facebook.

  8. Agreed. Server 2008 R2 and 8 don’t mix. That is ultimately what put me back
    on 7.

  9. I just want to ask if it’s reversible. Is it?

  10. Its still not downloading! i click Download and it said can’t connect

  11. I Am Trying To Download The Win8 To WinXp Is Not Working For Me To Download

  12. windows 8 is ass, Live long windows xp and 7

  13. Are you kidding me? StartisBack is way better!

  14. im running windows 8 its a shit

  15. welll i’m sorry … it was only a suggestion!

  16. Will now. Server went back up just days ago!

  17. Security updates for XP end in April 2014. At that time, I will be forced
    to switch to a different operating system for my simple tasks – such as web
    browsing, and email etc. However, just for the record – I don’t use
    facebook (nor keep pictures).IMO, computers should not be used for things
    like facebook. They should be used for important things – like programming,
    and getting work done. Writing letters, managing databases, etc.

  18. Use classic start to enable start an u can add start button

  19. I don’t care that Windows XP is noe over a decade old. It is still the best
    operating system, that does what I require. It’s not patronisingly
    over-simplified, and was the last release of Windows that actually looks
    formal enough for use in businesses. The way MS are going, I think I will
    be with XP forever…

  20. Thanks!

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