Acer Iconia W3 Windows 8.1 OS Tablet. Watching Live TV Streaming (Fast & Fluid)

People I been using this for past 3 weeks now and got to say this is a great portable tablet. Sure screen is not IPS and within a few days I forgotten screen…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. I’m glad you posted this video..i just bought one..haven’t received it yet
    but will any day now from Ebay…i saw a lot of Negative Reviews but after
    watching yours,,,i see how people could have went over board
    complaining…most of the complaining is comparing to other tablets…All i
    plan to use it for is Web browsing and emails and music and watching
    videos…isn’t that what most people use tablets for? i think the W3 will
    be fine…..however i hope i’m not speaking too soon…haven’t rec’v it yet
    as of this post…….based on your review and experience, im sure i’ll get
    plenty of enjoyment from this Tablet…

  2. Yes it is reliable using chrome, opera etc.. It’s a full computer not a RT.
    You can install any software like you would install and uninstall any of
    apps just like your desktop computer. Which Android tablets can’t uninstall
    bloated apps and iPad which us just a reader.

  3. is that 1080p video

  4. Yes that’s 1080p. You can watch videos in 1080p

  5. I forgot mention I have chrome and Firefox installed and works excellent
    just like using a desktop computer.

  6. Is it reliable in using desktop softwares like chrome, opera, vlc, bitcomet
    etc ??

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