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Windows 8 lets you automatically connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and other social services. If you link these accounts to your Windows 8 PC, …
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Question by information999: computer under attack help?
i just recently downloaded a free trial and it expired so i got a ton of virus threats so i got a differnt virus fighting program and now the free trial is trying to force me to upgrade to theres what to do
the free trial is telling me to upgrade to THEIR program because my computer is under attack but the new program i am using hasnt found any yet WTF!!!

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free trail of what program. I need details. Remove it then download Avira, malwarebytes,super antispyware and comodo firewall
Use this to clean off computer.,

Download malwarebytes and superantispyware then run scans with both in safe mode by tapping F8 on startup and selecting safe mode. Run a scan with all both programs and your problem should be fixed.
“Can’t install or run Malwarebytes?”

-Try renaming the mbam-setup.exe if installation fails.
-Try renaming the mbam.exe if the program installs, but doesn’t run.
-Try starting in Safe-mode with Networking if program fails to install, run, or update. (Hit F8 key repeatedly when computer is starting after a reboot.)
Then Free ones are almost as good but you will need to be sure to get good products like Avira or Avast for Anti virus and malwarebytes/super antispyware for antispyware. Spybot is not so good anymore dont get it. Pretty much stay away from AVG and spybot. (remember only have 1 antivirus at a time)
You will also need a firewall i suggest comodo or Zonealarm.
Download one

Download one
Comodo firewall
Helpful maintenance tools
Advanced system care
Glary utilities

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  1. My computer won’t let me sync my facebook account.

  2. How do I unlink my Facebook account

    (Easy Step By Step Directions)

    (Note) If you don’t have a taskbar? Hit Ctrl Shift Esc at the same time and the task manager will pop up. Click on [File] at the top left corner of your task manager and choose New Task (Run).Type cmd and hit ok.In the command window type start explorer.exe and hit enter and “My Documents” will popup and your taskbar should be back? (Another trick) is to use IE and type C:/ in the address bar and hit enter (~8

    1.Go to Start->Rt click on My Computer and choose Properties -> System Restore Tab -> check the “Turn off system restore” box -> hit Apply and Ok.

    2.Hit Ctrl Shift and Esc at the same time and bring up your task manager and choose the processes tab and look for any shady looking exe’s like Regcure.exe or something with allot of random numbers and letters? Rt click on them and choose end process.
    (Note)Go here for process info’s

    3.When your done shutting down what you can, click on [File] at the top left corner of your task manager and choose New Task (Run).Type msconfig and hit Ok. Go in BOOT.INI tab and tick both “Safe boot” and to the right of that “Networking” and hit Apply and Close.(It will boot in “Safe with networking mode” Choose Aministrator)

    4.While in “Safe with networking mode” download Malwarebytes.

    5.Right click on the mbam setup app you downloaded and rename it xxxx then Dbl click on it and install and update it (If you can) and run a full scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds (Restart if it asks?)
    (Note)If you couldn’t update before 1st scan update Malwarebytes and do another scan with a updated Malwarebytes!

    6.Go to Start,Run,type msconfig and hit ok.Go in BOOT.INI tab and untick Safe Boot and then go in the Startup tab and (uncheck) all programs (not) needed at startup “Lesser is better in this case” and hit apply,close,restart.Your computer will boot normally and on your desktop a window will popup,check “Don’t show this message” box and hit ok.
    (Note)Check here for info’s on startup programs
    (How to video)

    7.Download Superantispyware,install,update,and run a full scan and
    delete/quarantine all entities it finds.

    8.Go to Start->Rt click on My Computer and choose properties -> System Restore Tab -> uncheck the “Turn off system restore” box -> hit Apply and Ok and your done.

    Download Startup Monitor.It’s a add on that acts like a firewall for your startup menu and keeps malware from installing itself without your permission.

    Download Advanced System Care its a really good free program that has all kinds of optimizing tools and “IObit Security 360” (Part of ASC) is a really good all around security system and works well with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware try it out? (Free)

    Hijack This cleanup tool (Note)This tool is not intended for novices!

    How to fix corrupted Windows system files.
    1. Go to Start -> Run -> type sfc /scannow ->hit ok.
    It will ask you to insert a Windows XP installation disc.
    2. Insert the disc and let the SFC utility run
    3. SFC will check/repair changes made to the main system files.

    How to fix error messages.
    Go to Start > Run > type cmd > Hit [ok]
    1.Type chkdsk /f Hit enter and press “y” for yes and let it run.
    2.When it’s done restart your computer.
    Go here for more help.

    Stay Safe Out There (^.^)

    P.S.:If you need more help feel free to click on my name under my avatar and email me?

  4. I love it when people just copy and paste their answers in this section. Download Avast antivirus from

    Its free for home use no hooks attached

    install avast and let it do a scan remove anything it detects

    then download malwarebytes antimalwar (also free) install, and scan with it too. Remove anything it detects…you should have a virus free PC now.

  5. Use combofix from, then go download malwarebytes from or and use it, then clean the rest of the virus with superantispyware from or, and for future protection use avira as antivirus and a good firewall such as Online Armor or Outpost Firewall.

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