Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display Running Windows 7

Lisa Gade demos the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display running Windows 7 via Bootcamp. We use Apple’s drivers, and they work well but there’s still no usi…

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  1. For all those who are confused, this is VERY simple. All it is is running
    Windows on a Mac. Is it an emulation? NO, it’s actually Windows 7. You can
    do anything in it that you do on a normal computer running Windows 7. It’s
    funny how you guys ask if your “PC” games will work now. Of course, but
    remember that Macs are actually better at playing games due to good
    hardware and a heavily optimized operating system. Just a lot of
    game-makers decide not to code as many games for MacOS, doesn’t mean MacOS
    can’t run games in general well. Not compatible doesn’t mean not able.
    Judging by YOUR logic, you’d say Macs were better for gaming just for the
    sole reason of more games being made for it. True, they are good for
    gaming, but you think so for the wrong reason. Please pass this knowledge
    on and educate people who think just because a Windows logo is on their
    desktop, that games are suddenly better on it.

  2. Can this ruin my Mac by any chance?

  3. Thanks! This helped a lot and now I can download stuff that I couldn’t with

  4. Does this affect/effect your warranty? I just bought my mac book pro and I
    would love to get windows on it but im worried it will effect my warranty.

  5. Oh My Gosh 

  6. how many seconds have i too hold on the key “option”? Becouse it doesn’t

  7. can i catch a virus with windows on my mac?

  8. Is that the original windows made by microsoft ? 

  9. is this 15inch?

  10. you can do this with virtualbox and install a window 8

  11. Why would you install peasant-ware on this majestic device. . .

  12. i have a Q,if we download something using the windows on the mac,we can’t
    use those files on the IOS,right ?

  13. Really nice thanks :D

  14. Will this slow down my Mac? 

  15. Macs are double agents :D

    windows on my iMAC

  17. nice

  18. i see diabloXD

  19. thxs for not saying super duper!!

  20. Thanks for doing this video! Thinking of switching but I need still need
    win 7.

  21. does anyone’s macbook pro gets warm and hot while in bootcamp?

  22. You have transformed a Mac in to a PC

  23. how to run macbookpro trackpad on windows 7?

  24. Great video. We just did this on one of our MacBook Pro’s and we’re having
    a very slow wireless speed. Have you had any issues with wireless speed?
    I’m getting 50mbps on the Mac side but on the bootcamp I’m only getting
    3-4mbps. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  25. if you remove window 7 is the mac os back to normal and your file too?

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