Asphalt 8 Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8.1 HD Gameplay Trailer

Nokia Lumia 520 WP 8.1 Update Gameplay Test With Asphalt 8. Please help support my channel by using the Amazon links down below. Thanks! :) USA: UK:

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  1. plz, for the ppl who have tried Microsoft Lumia 535, is there a Top Eleven,
    Clash of Clans games in this device ?
    If its there, is it playable without lagging .. etc ?

  2. ну ты лох

  3. One question about the game: if I have it in my Win 8 PC and I install it
    on my phone, my records and gold coins synch? Or do I have to do everything
    all over?!

  4. What is the average discharge rate during the game?

  5. Lumia 820 please :)

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