ASUS Transformer Book T100 (T100-TA-C1-GR) Tablet Review – Hardware & Gaming

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link). The Asus Transformer is an outstanding value. It has adequate horsepower, runs the real Windows 8.1…


  1. How does this compare to iPad Air? Which one should I get?!?

    32GB iPad air costs just 100Euro more. And the Windows tablets seem like a

  2. Serious question, can it run civilisation 5?

  3. Solar Striker in your background wall!!! Subscribing!!!

  4. Is there any difference between T100 and T100 TA?

  5. thanks a lot for the review.
    Can I connect it to VGA Projector somehow? because I’ll be needing that
    thanks again in advance!

  6. I am considering getting rid of my laptop for a tablet and desktop. Would
    this be a good replacement on the tablet side?

  7. Could I run battlefield 4 on this thing with low settings??

  8. What is that tablet thing you’re using to switch the camera view in this

  9. run minecraft?

  10. Whats the difference in the 32GB version and 64GB version. It is just
    memory difference or they have any other differences? 

  11. I wanna get a tab under $400 for college. Do you recommend this or anything
    And can u create notes without typing(writing with the stylus)?

    Thanks !

  12. very well spoken review. Ive had an older HP laptop for 6 years now and im
    looking to upgrade. One question though: Will this computer handle a little
    bit of video editing? I dont need premiere pro in 4k quality. I just need
    to know if it can handle some simple edits in 1080p. Also, kickass
    background. I spent the whole video looking at the cool nintendo and
    gameboy stuff on the wall. Very cool. 

  13. quick question, is it possible to install windows 7 on it? or perhaps

  14. Does this have display mode

  15. hey do you think this is better than a dell venue 11 pro with similar
    processor? i think the gpu might be better in this one, but im looking and
    the 11 pro has alot more fullsize usb ports

  16. Thanks for the Review Lon, I decided to give it a whirl because of your
    great presentation!

  17. Is it possible to run blue stacks on it?( the android simulator)

  18. thx for the quick answer . but i forgot to add the main thing :) : does it
    still going to work well reading files from the external 1 tera hard drive,
    with only the tablet . so it without the electricity cable that connected
    to the keyboard, powered with just the battery . did you tried it ?

  19. i think its a wonderful device that can play moderate games like minecraft,
    team fortress 2 and the first COD black ops. You did an excellent review,
    and I think its amazing how you answer every comment and question. The only
    thing I dislike about it is how much fingerprints it shows!

  20. Can you add an external hard drive? 500 GB or 1 tb? Would it work?

  21. Does this FPS games good like cod or bf. 

  22. can this play DOTA2 and The Sims 3?

  23. +Lon Seidman Don’t underrate the portrait mode of a widescreen LCD, I am a
    student at University and that widescreen LCD in portrait mode makes
    studying PDF documents MUCH MUCH easier compared to its horizontal
    standing. I have also seen similar tablets with Widescreens used in
    business offices, doctors office….etc. in portrait mode and I guess they
    have the same opinion. As a matter of fact that portrait mode is so good
    (for administrative purposes such as writing, reading …etc not for
    playing games or watching movies, obviously not) that I have a Dell
    widescreen LCD that most of the times when I am reading articles or
    studying I rotate it the portrait stand…..try it, you won’t regret it. 

  24. i am interested in buying this laptop but i am not sure if it has a disk
    inserter or not. Can it load games like league of legends , maplestory and
    facebook games? I am just 13 years old is not sure if it is good .

  25. This laptop is costing only $340 dollars on, excellent value for
    your money. 

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