BF4 Performance Test: Windows 7 vs. Windows 8.1

Read description*** Hey guys. If you wanna play some BF4 you should get Windows 8.1! You dont need to spend alot of money in new Hardware. Just upgrade yo…
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  1. Song ? :3

  2. Hmm. This seems VERY fishy to me. I KNOW Linus Sebastion on Linus TEch
    tips already proved that in SOME games the min fps is better vs 7 but NOT
    by more than 20%. This vid indicated almost A DOUBLING of fps in that
    context. I’ve owned xp, xp pro64, win 7 hp x64, win 7 pro 64, and 8 pro 64
    ( updated to 8.1 via free download) and my fps in bf3 and bf4 DID NOT go up
    THIS much although it did go up an noticeable amount.

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