BF4 – SweetFX Tutorial for 64Bit Windows 8.1

I decided to make this tutorial to help those who want to use SweetFX in 64Bit Battlefield 4. you can get some great visual effects into your game and suppli…
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  1. it goes on and off during gameplay its really annoying

  2. dose not work with windows 7 64bit crashes BF4 before map loads

  3. I use this when I feck mai wife right in her pussy, really makes the pink
    pop MERICA!

  4. simple and good cc: set levels to 0.9, set saturation to 0.2-0.3 higher
    than normal and add a hint of blue tint using the main colour wheel

    done and done

  5. just play on Ultra and turn up the contrast a bit on your monitor. nice

  6. Hay how to on/off sweetfx??
    What key??

  7. Does this work for windows 7?

  8. it won’t open, i mean the sweetfx, what should i do??

  9. Hey Bopper, thank you for helping me out with your tutorial on Cinema 4D. I
    made this montage: Serenity | Battlefied 4 Montage [PS4] [1080p HD] Come
    check it out please :D!

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