Bill Gates on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Microsoft Surface

Microsoft’s Chairman Bill Gates chats about Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Natural User Interface and Microsoft Surface.
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  1. Windows 8.1 is extremely fast to.

  2. Windows Phone 8 is nothing like a PC experience. Android on the other

  3. The new Windows is genius, the hardware management is incredible! Even
    better than Linux! The only the reason people don’t like 8 is because they
    can’t handle change.

  4. I miss Bill as CEO

  5. all shit!

  6. Honestly in some cases i like windows 8 but the set up is what gets me it
    is weird and not user friendly im not hating on windows and Microsoft i am
    a windows 7 user and i love it its fast and strait foreword but 8 dosen’t
    have that one aspect 

  7. Somebody at Microsoft swiped my PC useability and replaced it with a junk
    version of a Mac that PC users aren’t used to. What you need is way to
    turn off all this junk that is meant for pads, phones etc and give PC users
    what they know WORKS. I want to minimize stuff so I can still see where it
    is but it’s not so big that it bothers me when I’m trying to work on other
    stuff. I want to be able to turn off my PC where I always turned it off.
    Yes, change can be good – but most of this change is bad copies of
    Microsofts rivals and frankly DESIGNED to alienate traditional Windows
    users. I want to get rid off my Windows 8 and get an older system on my
    new PC. Honestly, people used to complain about Vista etc but this is a
    whole new scale of, to put it very mindly, JUNK!

  8. i just got a windows 8.1 yesterday it is very AWESOME!!

  9. Omg people im using windows 7 right now but I want windows 8, all it is is
    a change for example take windows 2000 or 98 to windows xp, people got mad
    the change was to big for them

  10. I like how he says ‘experience’. 

  11. It’s crap because they tried to force a touchscreen-tablet UI on people who
    want to use a keyboard and mouse. Touchscreen will never replace the
    keyboard and the mouse, because it is grossly more ineffecient – at least
    not in terms of desktop pcs. It would have been fine if you could do one
    install for keyboard and mouse, and one install for tablet – trying to
    integrate the two was a horrible idea.

    Microsoft needs to stop trying to be like Apple and be more like Microsoft
    again. They can have their little tablet/smartphone division, but stop
    trying to push that stuff onto destop pcs, because no one wants it.


  13. everybody complains, well, go back to Windows XP

  14. Same shit. They just re-arrange it to confuse you.

  15. why did they not just leave the start alone? why must they force that metro
    shit down our throat?

  16. That guy who asks questions is so fake. Bill sure looks more natural, but
    that’s probably because he didn’t just memorized what he have to say!

  17. As always, no need to argue or get hot-headed! Get what works for you! It’s
    not so much that people don’t like change, but change they didn’t think was
    necessary. I use mac, windows 7 and 8 regularly. Although I prefer my mac,
    I can see totally why people like to spend less on Microsoft and still have
    their expectations met. I know some pc gamers and they’re always so
    aggressive about defending windows that they attack the mac first. My point
    is that everybody is getting carried away and not actually getting grit
    devices for any other reason than to try and prove a point to ex-pc owners.
    Don’t forget that almost all mac owners are ex-pc owners, but almost all pc
    owners haven’t even tried a mac let alone used it for themselves. I don’t
    care what anybody else has or wants. I love the advantages to mac and I
    don’t need emotional owners shouting their opinion in my face. My speech is
    now over, thank you for at least reading the last bit (if you skipped the


  19. People dislike Windows 8 because they don’t know how to use it. It’s just
    like Windows 7, but with a start screen instead of a start button.
    Although, there is a program for Windows 8 that creates a start button. If
    you know how to use it, it’s easy to use. It’s also easy to get used to
    unless you’re already stuck with Windows 8 sucks in your head. 

  20. I love the new ecosistem of Windows.

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  22. Windows 8 could have been saved if they stuck with their desktop core users
    who doesn’t need a touch friendly gui and wants to retain the fluidity of
    Windows 7. 

  23. Sorry but I love Bill Gates answers but thay guy is just really

  24. is the basic black keyboard Bill is talking about a mechanical or a
    membrane keyboard?

  25. dude, Windows Phone fucked up Nokia… BIG TIME. Windows 8 will do the same
    to Lenovo, HP, Samsung, etc. Time to get my first Mac ever.

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