Camtasia Studio 8.1: Using Crop Mode

Camtasia Studio 8.1: Using Crop Mode

Try Camtasia Studio 8.1 with a free trial: 0:00 — Intro / Cropping an image 0:35 — Cropping video 0:55 — When to use crop mode 1:20 -…
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  1. Thank you !!
    But I hope if camtasia have gradient color mixture

  2. Straight to the point video.


  4. i cannot find that crop icon :/

  5. How to crop in an indirect line,like a shape of an human head?

  6. how to crop a video when i skype with my girl friend in camstasia after
    recording… though only i need to edit her recorded video… pls help ;)

  7. lol you can

  8. Is their anyway of saving crops for future videos?

  9. DomikXddd – in Camtasia Studio, there is not a way to play videos backwards
    at this time. Sorry. If you want to request it as a future feature leave us
    feedback at feedback.techsmith[dot]com.

  10. how to crop video diagonally?

  11. Ok, thnx

  12. @VInay Kumar one option is to block out the current text in the video with
    a callout that matches the background, Then add text over the new created
    blank space. I will let you know that it’s sometimes difficult to match
    font typeface and size – but you should be able to get it close. Hope this
    helps. If you have more questions, please let us know.

  13. techsmith is there any way i mean i made sidebars for a pokemon gam on the
    ds and i want like cut in half the middle part of dthe ds so ican put
    somewhere else is there any way of doing that?

    best 😉

  15. @jason yardman not sure what you mean? Do you want to save the size &
    position of crop? Or actually save the video that has been cropped? You
    cannot save the properties of a crop to be applied to other clips unless it
    is in the same project. You can copy & paste visual properties (right click
    on the object crop is applied to, copy properties, then right click on the
    new media to & choose paste visual properties. To save the video cropped
    for use in other projects, you need to produce it first.

  16. Please, how i can play anything backwards? :)

  17. New to Camtasia, Thank you very much! I’m loving this editor :)

  18. @Igamer247l – do you mean you want to change the rotation of the crop box?
    Not a way to do that right now. I can pass on your suggestion, but the best
    way to get your voice heard is to leave feedback on our feedback site:
    feedback.techsmith[dot]com –make sure you replace [dot] with a . Make sure
    you give some details as to what you want and why! Thanks for the idea!

  19. @DIdi3dsPsVita not sure exactly what you are asking… so here goes: You
    can’t record the DS, but I guess you could record an emulator version on
    your computer. If you want sidebars – you could widen the dimensions of
    your video and use the extra space for side bars… Does that help? If not,
    if you could add a bit more information about what you’re trying to
    accomplish, I’d be happy to try to answer it. Thanks.

  20. Best software

  21. Just in time! I downloaded 8.1 today. I’m working on a video and want to
    put one of the canned title clips at the end. I want the audio on the
    original video to be the voice over of the title clip, but the orginal
    video spills over the top and bottom of the Clear Disturbance title clip.
    I’m thinking I can crop the original video so it won’t spill over the title
    clip. Maybe there’s another way, but this looks like one possible solution?

  22. how can i edit some text like email, phone number already present in
    original video using camtasia ??

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