Cinema 4D r15 Tutorial: 3D Printing & How to Get one Cheap!

Welcome to another episode from Renderbots! In this lesson we look at: 1) How you can get a ‘Cheap’ 3D Printer 2) How to get your 3D model exported out of Cinema 4D and get it printed! …
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  1. Boom its here! get your 3D print ON!

  2. Great video! I’m not sure if people are looking for a 3D animation editor
    like myself to help carry out projects with others, but I do know people
    might be interested in my employment! Keep up the great accomplishments!

  3. Hi! thanks a lot for the video!!
    I just have one question..
    How do i get the toy head to rotate? i need to print it in separate parts,
    or it can be printed all at once?

  4. That’s amazing thanks for the video! :)

  5. Brilliant Sir!

  6. hello thank you!, i followed your tutorial but my price is $247
    -scale is set to the same as your scale
    -my file is 1.8 mb > just 5 more mb than your file.
    -color is plastic

    any clue why its so much more?

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