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Question by Derek: is there a way to set up two computers so they both have internet access?
one computer is connected to the router and the other computer is and old windows xp with no internet access. i have ethernet cable running through both of them is there a way where the win xp can connect through the other computer to gain internet access?

Best answer:

Answer by Dan Karas
The easiest way is to connect both computers via Ethernet to the router’s LAN ports.

If you only have one Ethernet from the router coming into the room you can use a inexpensive switch
to add multiple Ethernet connections.

You could also add a USB wireless adapter to the XP PC. Make sure the adapter supports XP before purchasing.

You can set up ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on a PC with a Internet connection and connect it to he other PC. This requires two network cards in the first PC. The Internet connection can be Ethernet or WiFi. This method also requires the first PC to be active any time you need to access the Internet on the second PC.

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