CNET How To – How to make your own network cable and port Dong Ngo shows how he’s in total control when it comes to networking and more.
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  2. cool information, mr. ngo. waiting for 044Lance video, too. that dude seems
    to know everything!´╗┐

  3. CNET How To : How to make your own network cable and port´╗┐

  4. What?

  5. not first but third.

  6. I learned this in 11th grade… they never have very challenging things for
    me to do :(

  7. sorry buddy, if you made that cable for my company you would get a serious
    talking too….if you are going to do it…do it right.

  8. I freaking love this guy!!!!

  9. Dongo LOL

  10. make your own video and show us all then, please! lol

  11. Wow, he just crimped it wrong. I mean the cable jacket wasn’t crimped.
    That’s a no no.

  12. 4ft20 hey 420… brb

  13. Dongo u the best

  14. No, there are many branches of IT work, some make 60-70 thousand a year and
    some make 80-100 thousand a year… of course it all depends on where you
    work and how much experience you have.

  15. great how to tnx

  16. Lol. Dude I love your videos. Your accent is crazy cool.

  17. bad bad bad. gotta crimp the sheeth with the cable for strengthening.

  18. This guy gets a stamp of approval from me.

  19. he made a male and a female,why the wait!!plug it in plug it in

  20. Yeah! Dong Ngo!!

  21. hahah “Am I in control? Yea. Sure XD

  22. Wo dong!

  23. I actually really like this guy.

  24. dafuq???

  25. Good video. Thanks!

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