CNET News – Windows 8.1 Update gets back in touch with keyboard At its Build developer conference, Microsoft backpedaled from the touch-screen emphasis of Windows 8 by showing off Windows 8.1 Update’…
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  1. the START screen is so loud

  2. Is that a target on his shirt or just a ‘zero’ =)

  3. “Keyboard and Mouse Users” and “Power Users” = Windows 7 Users, It’s been
    years now and Microsoft still can’t recognize or acknowledge what they have
    done to destroy the user experience.

  4. Thanks for fixing your broken product. 

  5. The demos are on iMacs ???

  6. So this is Microsoft admitting they messed up on Windows 8 and are finally
    giving their desktop users some functionality that should have been there
    since day 1?

  7. Only took you 3 years Microsoft. I’ll upgrade when the start buttons back.

  8. i am buying my kids a mac~

  9. The king is finally waking up. Apples beware. :)

  10. Still looks like shid

  11. pretty sad when they have to release an update to make a desktop OS more
    mouse/keyboard friendly

  12. They’re heading in the right direction, at least.

  13. I considered trolling by saying something like “I’m a software engineer and
    have been using Win 8 since it came out. Honestly, if you spend 5 minutes
    with a modern mobile you’ll get it. Win 8 is better than Win 7 and anything
    before it by miles. It’s more secure. More flexible. More friendly. More
    productive. More attractive. I couldn’t imagine doing my work without it.
    Even my 91 years young grandpa learned how to use it and his last system
    used 98. If you can’t or refuse to learn it, it’s your loss.”

    BUT honestly????? They should have known about this and had these features
    from the start. Moreso, I have access to a Win 8 system I USE ROUTINELY and
    I STILL don’t get why they did what they did. If I got a new system, I’d
    get Win 8, but I think their choice to throw out the Win 7 architecture in
    favor of something bold and new (Metro!) was misguided and ill-advised. All
    they really needed to do was add a start menu from the beginning and
    CLEARLY delineate the desktop from Metro (read: Apps), with the
    touch-screen features being an option, not a forced feature.

    For that matter, I think the start menu could be improved. I think Metro
    was the wrong way to do it, but there’s some merit to the idea.

  14. I don’t use windows 8 much because its not on my main computer, but I’m
    sooooo happy about these updates!

  15. I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about but I think Microsoft just
    made Windows 8 better.
    Just so you know, I hated Windows 8 from the very beginning.

  16. windows 8 is not nice at all. its weird. 

  17. Finnaly widows you realized. If we want mobile we will go to ios and
    android and Windows is meant for PC

  18. Wow amazing -.- how about get it right for pc users and make another for
    tablet touch laptops

  19. first!

  20. You mean… MS finally realised that it’s retarded to make desktop users
    with keyboard and mouse do gestures like they’re using touchscreen? lol

  21. this dude looks stoned…

  22. I don’t want that shit on my pc

  23. Running the update now.

    Much better for M+K users.

  24. @david Nyarwaya I think your parents failed to raised you. 

  25. If only windows could add multi touch gestures like those from the Mac. It
    would be awesome for laptop users. 

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