CNET Update – Windows 10 aims to blend best of 7 and 8

CNET Update - Windows 10 aims to blend best of 7 and 8 Skipping over Windows 9, Microsoft will combine elements of Windows 7 and 8 into the next operating system. In the world of smartwatch…
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  1. Best Operating systems per version:

    1: Windows XP vs Leopard
    2:Windows Vista vs Snow Leopard
    3: Windows 7 vs Lion
    4: Windows 8 vs Mountain Lion
    5: Windows 8.1 vs Mavericks
    6: Windows 10 vs Yosemite

    1: Windows XP
    2: Snow leopard
    3: Windows 7
    4: Mountain Lion
    5: Mavericks
    6: We will see

  2. Actually, quite easy.. 8.1 is actually 9 so 10 is the next one..

  3. Why did they skip 9! 9 would of been better than 10!

    Windows 2000 – Bad
    Windows XP – Good
    WIndows Vista – Bad
    Windows 7 – Good
    Windows 8 – Bad
    So Windows 9 Would of been Good
    and Windows 10 will suck

  4. They copied so much from Macintosh 

  5. They skipped Windows 9 because some programs would have troubles with
    names, see:

    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows 9

    The programs usually see the first number apparently, so they’re confused
    and could crash.

    But that’s just what I’ve heard.

  6. where the hell did Japan and 9 come from? why do people pick out on teenie
    shit like this? XD

  7. There’s another “new feature” being introduced in Windows 10 called
    “Virtual Desktops” but consider this…
    The “X Window System ” from the Foundation (Unix and Unix-Like
    Operating Systems) – like LINUX and the “X Window Manager” program that
    sits on top of it – allow the more technically savvy USERS to replace the
    whole look and feel of how things get done on their systems with a wide
    variety of radically different “desktop environments” – verses being
    “locked into” just one gradually evolving – yet static “desktop
    environment” like the MS Windows and Mac OSX – proprietary tech vendors do.
    One of the built in features for this X-Window Manager since ” 1989 ” has
    been “Virtual Desktops” which allows a user to configure a set of programs
    and/ or screen layouts for how those programs launch (for what ever work
    flow they need) then click a button and instantly have a completely
    different set of programs and/ or screen layout for a completely different
    workflow or purpose. A user can also have floating windows – where one
    could be reading a book or newspaper (full screen on their laptop) and have
    a video playing in the corner (floating over the document one may be
    reading) at the same time. The most visually extreme version of “Virtual
    Desktops” in Linux is the virtual 3-D cube which is driven by the “Compiz
    compositing window manager” and the “Emerald Theme Decoration Manager”
    background programs.
    Well hey, 25 years later – after its introduction , Microsoft has just
    gotten around to having this “New – Ooooh Wow” built in eye candy feature
    in Windows 10.
    Check out a youtube video titled…
    “ubuntu 3D Desktop (Cube) (KDE & Compiz Fusion & CairoDock) fullHD
    1080p” to see just a little of what can be done with this setup.

  8. They left out 9 because they are trying to emphasize how radically
    different this new version of Windows is.

  9. yea the noobs… didnt like vista but they liked 7 even though it was
    almost a clone.. they didn’t like 8 but they like 10.. yea they learn the
    new stuff in the os they hate then the next one even though its a clone is

  10. Already ditched Windows for Chrome OS. No viruses!

  11. Ah, superstition, the epitome of irrational thinking.

  12. I think they skipped Windows 9 because their old OS was named, windows 9x

  13. i like windows 8…hate all you want

  14. Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number
    9 Number 9……………….. Windows 10

  15. Of course, MS an American company doesnt like the number 9 because some
    Japanese superstition #stupidwoman 

  16. Wonder Xbox One as well as WinME & WinVista consider unlucky too in Asian’s

  17. more like Windows 10 aims to “make money” 

  18. Its too early to say that Apple threw it’s hat on the ring. 

  19. I would like to know how large the size of the OS is going to be…

  20. Pretty dumb name i would of called it Windows 8.2 like concept that i think
    inspired this windows

  21. There’s no Windows 9 because 7 8 9. Obviously…

  22. 7 was an odd number

  23. With multiple desktops it looks like windows have taken something from the
    mac and rightly so. Apart from the price and a few small things I think the
    mac is better than most if not all windows desktops and laptops especially
    the user interface. Compared to windows 8 Mac osx10 is less confusing, more
    elegant and put simply, easier to use. But this version looks better and
    less confusing for windows 7 users and could snatch back a few old windows
    users that are still using windows 7 (or before 7) or mac users that have
    recently switched.

  24. I knew it they did to copy Apple Mac OS X now windows 10

  25. Windows 8 is great I don’t know how people don’t like it

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