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Question by shadi: Why is my laptop doing this?
I bought an hp pavilion dv6 newly around 3 months ago. It came with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Things were ok for one month then windows started hanging and crashing. I endured it as much as I could until last week. My ps2 emulator pcsx2 was ok for 3 months then it started crashing and sometimes the crash would cause windows to freeze with the blue screen. It was formatted and windows 7 enterprise 32 bit was placed. Since it’s 32 bit windows I only can use 2.54 gb of my 8 gb ram

My windows was fine for a few days. However at night when I close the laptop lid it goes into standby mode and when I wake up in the morning I saw that it had switched from standby into hibernate. I press the power button and it says windows resuming. I am unsure why it switched from standby into hibernate during the night

Now my laptop is spoilt. I was working on it and it was fine. I left for around 10 min then came back. I saw laptop in standby mode because the light on power button was blinking on and off. That should not have happened. I tried to wake up the laptop by pressing keys. Nothing. I pressed power button. Nothing. I even kept my finger on the power button to forcibly shut down windows. It didn’t shut down and stayed as it is. The battery had to be removed then put back. After that I could not get laptop to turn on. It was plugged in and the charging light is on

Normally when I switch on the laptop the touchpad light goes on, after that it says windows is starting, screen goes off for a few seconds then it turns on and then I am asked for my password

Around 30 min later the laptop did turn on, however now after it said windows starting and the screen switches off, the touchpad light switched off and the screen would not turn on. This time forcibly shutting down works by holding down the power button. After that I can’t get the laptop to turn on. After some time I can turn it on and the same thing happens all over again

I guess its a hardware fault. I sent it to the service center. They said my laptop doesn’t support windows 7 enterprise 32 bit and that’s the cause of the problem. How come? The windows should not prevent the laptop from switching on. If it’s not supported then the laptop should at least switch on. Shouldn’t it not switching on be a hardware fault and not a windows fault? I will get more details. It seems putting a 32 bit windows on a 64 bit machine was a bad idea or am I wrong?

The service center wants to re-put for me the home premium one. I will change it due to my past experiences with it. If I put windows 7 enterprise 64 bit will things be ok again? What other versions of windows have been tried on an hp pavilion dv6 and worked fine with pcsx2 running fine on it?

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Answer by Teresa
Huh. First, why would you use enterprise?? That’s for business/schools to use… O.o just get Ultimate if you want a change like that.

Yeah, perhaps your processor is solely designed for 64 bit OS’s (probably not, but possible).

As far as going from sleep mode (standby mode) into hibernation this is a feature that Windows 7 now uses. After prolonged sleep it will often place itself in hibernation mode. This is a default power option and can be turned off in the “power options” advanced settings under “sleep” in which you can change “go into hibernate mode after XX minutes”. Hibernate mode places a copy of whatever is in the RAM into the hard drive and cuts power to the system, unlike sleep mode in which a small amount of electricity is sent to the computer to preserve the RAM.

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  25. Stick with Windows 7 64bit. Disable the hybernation mode, you dont need that. Use shutdown as it should be if you arent going to use your laptop.
    Your PCSX2 will still run.
    I recommend you to Use anti-malware programs and remove all detected items.
    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.51.2 – use the 1 month trial, after 1 month then you have to manually update and scan on a regular basis.
    Emsisoft Anti-Malware – use the 1 month trial, after 1 month then you can use forever as a scanner software and it will still remove malwares (you have to manually update and scan on a regular basis.)
    Avoid using Norton or Mcafee because it really slows down your PC. Stick with Microsoft Security Essentials

  26. This is definitely a hardware issue. You’re right, the OS wouldn’t prevent it from starting/stopping.
    Probably overheating. Are the fans spinning?

    P.S. 32 bit Windows works perfectly on a 64 bit machine. The only drawback is that a 32 bit environment won’t recognise RAM above 4 GB.☺

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