Como Descargar Windows 8.1 original ISO 32 y 64 bits

Hola amigos youtuberos hoy en esta ocasión les mostrare a como descargar Windows 8.1 original desde microsoft tanto como 64 y 32 bits en formato ISO booteabl…

Question by Best Friend: My Loptop wont boot up to windows?
My son dropped my loptop, now the windows vista wont start.
the error i get is the follow

Yokon PXE v4.17.8.1 (alpha) (20060116)
(c) Copyright 2003-2006 Marvell (r). All rights reserved
pre-boot Exucution Enviroment (pxe) V.2.1
(c) Copy Right 1997-2000 Intel Corporation
PXE – E61: Media TestFailure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE Rom
Operating System Not Found.

Please Help me

Best answer:

Answer by adigitalslave
In the middle of that message it says “check cable” I would have to guess something inside got knocked loose when it was dropped. Just rip it apart and check that all connections are seated properly, HDD, Optical Drive, Ram etc..

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