Comparison of Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1 & Hyper Threading benches on Battlefield 4 – By Totallydubbed

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  1. The only problem with this video and the thread post is you only tested
    with an i7 3770k, Yes this may be the same for other i7’s or i5’s. But how
    about AMD, or SLI and Crossfire?

    In BF4 on 2x 5850’s 6 year old cards, My AVG FPS was 30 – 40 fps with drops
    into the low teens. Vary rarely it hit 60fps. This was on a Phenom II x6
    1100T at 4.4ghz 16GB RAM. Windows 7 would also drive the CPU usage up to
    100% most of the time (my bottleneck) while the cards were at 40 – 60% at

    Once I switched to windows 8 (not 8.1) on that same system, Both cards went
    up to 99% all the time, while the CPU was at 60 – 70% at most (no longer
    the bottleneck). FPS shot up so high I switch the graphics to high without
    MSAA (Vram limited). I seen it hit 120FPS in test range where I couldn’t
    get near that on low at 1024×768.

    I even re installed windows 7, figuring I had a issue with it.

    Also heres another thing I ran into between the OS’s. I still have Windows
    7 on a different drive. I upgraded the system, FX8320 5ghz, 2x GTX760’s
    still 16GB ram. Windows 7 SLI scaling is sub par at most. I’ll see 60 – 70%
    peeks into the 90% usage on the cards some time they are uneven 344.80 beta
    drivers, and 50 – 70% on the CPU. Frames were of course well above 60fps,
    right around 80 or so.

    Windows 8 on 2x 760’s, well CPU usage was still around the same, while both
    cards were at 99% all the time, I dosn’t drop much below 100fps on ultra,
    1080p. Both system with the same 1080p monitor.

    Your video may work on the i7 which I havn’t really messed with any. But
    for me SLI scaling is much better under windows 8 (don’t have windows 8.1).
    Where Crossfire I have no clue what it was doing under windows 7. Different
    systems may react differently to the OS’s. Though I don’t recommend it to
    people, I always leave that as a last resort.

  2. For me atleast, upgrading to windows 8.1 made a HUGE difference in terms of
    performance. I gained about 40-50 fps with Win 8.1. My specs are i7 3820 @
    4.4ghz, gtx 780 @ 1176mhz and 16gb ram

  3. in depth review. Thanks.
    Need to check this out for the lga 2011 socket.

  4. I have just built a new system for a friend, an i7 4770k, Sabertooth board
    16gig of ram, GTX580, Win7 and with HT enabled in BF4 he gets 35fps and
    with is OFF he’s getting a constant 60fps!
    It was unplayable till HT was turned off!

  5. windows 8 and 8.1 does NOT have cores parked by default.

  6. i have win7 and win8.1 and my game runs with 40ish fps on win7 and with 60+
    even 100 on some maps on win 8.1 , its really depends on you’re hardware..
    anyway my biggest problem with this game is packet loss… i have a direct
    connection, no routers no nothing, and i cannot play on anything but 16
    player servers, if i go on a bigger server 32,48.,64 its just a lag fest,
    rubberbanding , teleportaions , glitched models i get killed from 1 hp
    opponents and yet my game runs fine….. but it does not play great :@

  7. For a new build would h recomend windows 7 or 8

  8. Comparison of Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1 & HT Enabled vs Disabled on
    Battlefield 4

  9. We were going to do a very similar vid on our blog, but with very little to
    no time for such things we were wondering if perhaps we could link this on
    our website ?

    Anyway, another great upload take it easy. Love your style sir.

  10. how about a user with an i3 3220 abd a r9 270x? i plan to build this rig,
    any idea how it performs in bf4 ultra? on 2x MSAA ? thank you

  11. Anyone who Is saying antthing above a 10fps gain on a half decent rig is
    talking out of there arse as an OS cant play that much of a role.

  12. Yup. I knew it. Windows 8.1 is a waste of money. I’m still using Windows 7
    and I like it a lot more than Windows 8 & 8.1.

    I hope Microsoft releases a better operating system for gamers. We need
    more performance, less CPU Utilization, new improved DirectX API, Open GL,
    Multi-threading usage, etc. 

  13. tHANK you so much for this! U unparked 3 cores and got a 7 fps gain!

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