Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 Walkthrough: She sings!!! Youtube Booredgamer: YouTube BooredFemme: http;// Twitter: twi

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  1. Awesome

  2. The joke that Cortana said made me roll on my floor :D

  3. Someone told me that it’s a siri rip off. This is leagues beyond siri! It
    seems almost as good as Google now. Good to see some decent competition

  4. It’s sad to see that Cortana is still technically in Beta, but is still
    better than Google Now and Siri.

  5. Wowm she can tell stupid fucking jokes and sing dumb ass songs. Sign me up.

  6. But what happends when you hold the botton in the middle now?

  7. I need a windows phone…

  8. I can’t wait for the preview to come out in the next few days! 😀 I have
    the 1020. This is going to be SWEET!

  9. Cortana is the only reason I’d switch to WP

  10. The first attempt on “Tell me a joke” actually got picked up correctly. But
    some reason Cortana responded with sending a text instead. Maybe just some
    software bug to fix. 

  11. hope they will integrate this with windows 8 and rt

  12. Wow way better than Siri

  13. cortana= apple sony died

  14. Cortana

  15. This owns. A good reason to move from Android or iPhone.

  16. God this is soo cool!! Need to to get second phone! 

  17. I want Windows Phone now!!!

  18. One thing that I really liked with this #cortana demo is the way you can
    attach reminders to people. Google Now should really benefit from such a
    thing imho. I don’t care for the joke/singing things but that people
    centric reminders sure looks nice. 

  19. Well…..fuck.

  20. I can very much use this as a way to keep myself busy while at the same I
    can differentuate the difference between personal contacts and important
    contacts. Bes way to interact.with a AI.

  21. Sweet… 

  22. When I get this I can make Siri and cortana have an argument 

  23. way better than siri or alice 

  24. Microsoft #cortana – niiiiiiice

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