Cortana Windows Phone 8.1 Demo – Microsoft Build 02/04/2014

Cortana Windows Phone 8.1 Demo - Microsoft Build 02/04/2014

Cortana unveiled siri competitor.


  1. Lol notification center. Talks like its the greatest achievement ever…
    Android has had it for over half a decade.

  2. can we move cortana from bing to google ?

  3. I don’t know why but I like how Cortana says “Alright”. @ 25:50

  4. The action centre, from the top… why was this not in windows 8?
    Those API better give way more control way WAY more!!!
    Facial Recognition for lock screen would be nice, I hope they can do that.
    Choose background, this is one of their ‘new’ things, damn my N70 I could
    pic a background!!
    I hope Cortana can understand my accent!, it should of been Halo’s
    Cortana’s voice. (crap she is powered by bing, and will learn my internet
    browsing habits 0_o)
    I hope she is better than siri…
    @ 19:00 Cortana doesn’t work, and he is really clear, she will not work
    with my mumbles :(
    I hope apps can pass through to other apps… if someone send me a youtube
    link in email I press it I want it to open my youtube app (as soon as there
    is a good one) not the website in IE

  5. It’s a shame she still sounds like Tellme (Stephen Hawking’s girlfriend)…

  6. soo many mistakes…

  7. i think windows must be more hands free friendly, instead of tapping the
    search button and search? why just not say cortana? and cortana will be up
    no matter what app your opening or even when your screen is turned off? 

  8. god….
    that guy is ugly

  9. Can i make her call me chief?

  10. I would buy a Windows phone with cortana if the program was voiced by the
    voice actress from halo. No go otherwise.

  11. nothing usefull

  12. Add Jen Taylor’s voice and I might consider getting it.

  13. is cortana available in every version of nokia ??

  14. @Holybasil you thought it was powered by Google??? Haha :D

  15. cortana rocks haha * throwing away my old iphone 4s*

  16. Powered by Bing. Yaay……………..

  17. Windows phone 8.1 introduces Cortana… The personal digital assistant – i
    love the halo homage 

  18. What Are you Guys expecting?? Do you think that they say: we looked at
    Android and copied The Action Center!! Or that cortana is powered by
    Google? I love it and if you hate it dont comment just be quiet and buy
    another Phone

  19. Cortana seems waay better than Siri

  20. The 8.1 Office/Word app can’t handle large documents. Please fix it!

  21. when we get this for free?

  22. A Halo, now I have to buy it

  23. They ripped off the Germs (band) logo 

  24. I personally have used android and ios and now holding iphone 5s and note
    3. But somehow deep down, I agree that Windows Phone is catching up quickly
    in this aspect. Microsoft will fight closely with Google for their
    ecosystem, bing search vs google search, bing map vs google map, whole
    productivity suite like office 365 vs google docs, one drive vs google
    drive and so on..

    I feel Apple needs to buck up. Apple has the most simplest/boring interface
    of the pack, depending how you see it. Apple still lose a few aspects from
    Microsoft and Google. Apple has sucky contact, calendar and mail system,
    unlike gmail and outlook. Apple also doesnt have search engine.

    If more developers develop app for windows phone and windows 8.1, apple
    will be the third position very fast. Microsoft just need to make a nice
    and sleek tablets.

    Well, we will see how these 3 giants will head on from now onwards…

  25. Switched to Cortana :)

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