CyberPowerPC Gamer Aqua GLC2260 Unboxing (Computer Unboxing)

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  1. dude this is a beast of a computer and if you dont mind me asking how much
    was it

  2. Hello, I have the same computer case but on mine the lights that are
    supposed to light up CYBERPOWERPC are very dim, I don’t know why but I am
    wondering if yours does the same thing, Thanks!

  3. My Mom bought me this for christmas I just found it hahahaha. 12 more days

  4. So how to you like this PC with the time you’ve had it?

  5. Nice to see a video on this PC! About to buy this really soon and was
    wondering how you like it after buying it and using it? Oh and another
    question what’s up with the front of the PC after opening the door thing
    whats the use for those? 

  6. How long was shipping 

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