Dell Venue 8 Pro Comprehensive In-Depth Review – Best Handheld Tablet for Windows 8.1 in 2013

Website: | Host: Sipski After a month of using Dell Venue 8 Pro, I feel it’s time to review it. This video is about 29 minutes long and deals with the functionality…


  1. my 500gig works on my dell with out an external power source just fine

  2. Whoa, a far more in depth review than what I was expecting. Very nice
    demonstration in showing some of the varied capabilities of the Venue Pro.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. hi can u review the latest dell venue 8 pro stylus?

  4. try toshiba encore because it is much better it is not need powered usb and
    8mb camera 2mb front with micro hdmi 

  5. Great video, very good information!

  6. Great Video… Exactly the type of video I was looking for.. I am glad I
    found your channel.. I will subscribe.. TY for your effort.

  7. great comprehensive review video. appreciated.

  8. shit Iconia W3, they are so greedy they can’t even put an ips screen on it
    not putting an IPS or VA screen on a tablet is a crime, that’s not
    surprising for acer cause it’s a shit company as usual

  9. You need to learn how to make words in English plural

  10. Good video.. appreciate the effort and time

  11. Nice review sir, thank you!!

  12. or the Nokia 1020 THE BEST lol

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