Deploying Windows 8.1 using Windows Server 2012 R2, WADK, MDT and WDS

This is a short video explaining how you can set up your Windows Server 2012 R2[1] installation as a Lite-Touch deployment server. This will be demonstrated …

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  1. How to configure the partitions manually (does not automatically) at the
    beginning of the process?

  2. why is there music playing over the entire video? 

  3. Great tutor.. What group is that? (the music ;-)

  4. Very good tutorial Guido. I followed it almost to the letter and got a
    Windows 8.1 image with Office 2013 deployed, but for some reason I didn’t
    get the option to select the x86 or x64 Operating system, as per slide 18:23
    in your post. I also got a Browser Choice error during the Windows update
    phase due to it using the built in Administrator account. Do you have an
    ideas on how I can fix these issues?

  5. Hi…!! Great Guide..!! I have two questions:
    1.- ¿I can integrate the spanish language?
    2.- ¿How do I do it?
    :::::: I want this S.O. in Spanish ::::::
    Please…!! help me…!! thank You..!!

  6. Thank you for this perfect tutor… THX

  7. Україна файно дякує!

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