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Question by XxMTW7SHxX: Why my computer are bit slow ?
i always experience lagging and slow programs (especially iTunes)
i also usually defragment and disk-cleanup my pc and scan for viruses.
im using :

Windows 8.1
kaspersky internet security and antivirus (my pc is clean)
Intel core i7 950 3.07 GHz
14 gb ram
gpu: Geforce GTX 580 1536 mb gddr
1 tb hdd

any buddy could help?
thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Fathaz
– Close all the programs your not using
– Make your brightness dimmer
– Uninstall programs you don’t use

After you done it >>> Restart your computer

Done!! 😀

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  5. go to and click on the downloads link at the top. then towards the right, search for malwarebytes.. install and run that. It searches for malware which is usually the cause for slow performance outside of low resources. However, your computer is super stacked with ram and HDD space, so I’m thinking malware is the issue..

  6. there is probably some process running in the background that might be causing this.
    1) run a full scan with kaspersky after you upgrade it.
    2) goto add/remove programs and do a complete check of the programs installed.
    3) verify if your browsers have installed any plugins that you dont need.
    4) verify if you have enough space in the drive which has the OS installed.
    5) if nothing helps, you can just reinstall windows.

    btw, the configuration looks really good and i dont think it should be giving you performance issues.

    Will let you control what start’s (on start up)
    Also go in safe mode with (NETWORKING)
    And download the following programs to clean your system.

    Your computer should run very fast so the above should clean the rest malware and anti root kit for getting rid of malware and root kits NOTE (ANTIVIRUS) OFTEN malware and root kits.
    Ccleaner will get rid of bat application path’s and so much more also you can defrag you hard drive your self.

  8. generally its the hard drive. in medium and high end computers, the hard drive is too slow. if you want a performance boost get a cheap Samsung 125 dollar 256 GB SSD and keep the other HDD for storage

  9. Judging by your specs your hard drive is probably the problem.
    After a while this large capacity hard disk drives get slower and start to make sounds and there is nothing you can do.If you’re buying new,than do not buy HDD,get SSD,they’re are way much faster a better.
    Also if your hard disk is full clean it to have at least 50% free storage(or 480-500GB)

  10. Nik is right. Most of the stuff that slows your computer down are background processes that will not be flagged by malware programs because they are not malware. They have a legitimate purpose. The most common are automatic updaters. They are useful and unobtrusive. Running one is probably no problem. Running ten of them will slow your computer to a crawl. It is similar to having another faucet running in the house ( the updater) while you are trying to take a hot shower ( the main goal). You probably can still have a nice shower, but you might not get the pressure ( performance) you would if it was the only thing running. Now imagine having 10 faucets open.

    Turn off all automatic updaters and get in the habit of manually updating things one a month.

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