Desktop to Start Screen: Same Background

Windows 8.1 lets you choose between having different backgrounds for your desktop and Start screen or the same background on both.…
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  1. I preffer to have same backgrounds.

  2. I like windows 8.1 suites me perfectly and also made me interested in
    windows phone .. 

  3. Love this, and btw, i was using this and notice you cant see things on the
    desktop while on the Start Screen, then a while later i could see my stuff
    on my desktop while on my start screen, then it went back to normal a while
    later, was that a Bug? or a feature i missed? and it has not happened in a
    long time, so i assume if it was a bug, that it was fixed.

  4. Still Limited, we still can’t change the background in start menu. and btw
    Win 7 is way better than Win 8/8.1

  5. That massive start screen does not look nice on a desktop PC.

  6. Should be able to make desktop match start screen background as well.

  7. Guys if you are here to say windows 7 or something is better than this, WHY

  8. Windows 8.1 is nice and all, but it just won’t work for me. Literally, the
    update that’s required for W8.1 won’t install, along with 37 other updates.
    I’m getting stressed out by this. Clearing Windows Update cache, trying to
    detect problems with Fix-It… Nothing’s working.


  10. 8.1s Awesome. Though This Video….Way Too Brief

  11. so wallper in wp8 please!

  12. but i need a genuine for 8.1 :(

  13. Fuck windows shit operative nazi rasism system

  14. Like Windows 8 :D

  15. Yeah, except the high CPU usage coming from Microsoft services, Can
    Microsoft fix this problem in the next update?

  16. Windows 7 is still king

  17. Windows 8.1 is the best Operating System I have ever tried even if you did
    remove the Experience Index.

  18. They really need a video showing people they can do this? That’s actually
    pretty sad.

  19. why is bing red?

  20. Windows

  21. Did it really take you THAT long to make a video about this?

  22. Can’t wait for new 8.1 update in march.

  23. Preparing ground for Update 1 arrival? Look at the taskbar in desktop mode
    – it records the Metro-style Bing app running. 

  24. What’s that song?

  25. I love Windows 8.1

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