Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Full HD gameplay on PCSX2

PCSX2, the Playstation 2 emulator for the PC, gameplay video Website: pcsx2.net Forums: forums.pcsx2.net Game info: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fa…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I have a pretty solid PC able to run every game I’ve wanted (recently, the
    PC port of Dark Souls 2) and I’ve been using PCSX2 for a few years now…
    I’ve literally tried every config possibility and speedhack configuration
    for this game and the highest I can get my FPS is 44, that’s in tiny spaces
    where there is no need for the program to render much. How is this so
    smooth? I’ve had minor issues with games like Chaos Legion, SO: ‘Til the
    End of Time, all the SMT games (Digital Devil Saga was unplayable), but I
    was able to hit 59/60 FPS 90% of the time. Of course I should just spend
    $10 usd on a copy… but what kind of PC was this running on and was it the
    stock/recommended settings?

  2. please can anyone tell me settings for best graphics , i have a powerful

  3. I really wish they had put Vincent on Dissidia.

  4. I don’t usually like Final Fantasy, but I liked this game A LOT !

  5. I have a problem. do u have facebook ? I dont know how to explain my issue,
    but i have an image… can u help me ?

  6. So far I’m getting resident evil vibes from this gameplay I don’t know why?

  7. anyone of you know how can i get it? im from colombia, i have ps2 and a
    decent pc, can anyone help me?

  8. Heya , My FPS are okay , just a lot of weird graphic errors while playing
    , like flickering HP bar and titles being flickered and when looking up a
    half white sky and sometimes with weird colored squares popping up. Plus I
    the Gsdx in the description , how do insert the additonal plugins in the
    ‘Plugins’ folder when they don’t even show up when ive already put them in?
    Sorry If I’m not making sense >.>

  9. I would prefer to play FF12 again rather than this….the game is so dark
    and gloomy all the time and the story seems boring for me…less chance of
    me buying this.

  10. Hi, question for you, when i load this game it comes in japanese language,
    I am pretty sure is multilanguage but i don´t know hot to change it, any
    ideas? thanks

  11. There are two types of badass in this world, theres the regular badass and
    there is Vincent Valentine

  12. he looks great on the video’s

  13. This game looks like FFVII and Castlevania had a drunken regretful night

  14. I really wish I could tell Star to go fuck him self but I cannot respond.
    Thank you google plus

  15. this game is so uderated

  16. I’m playing this game on a powerful computer with a 3.8GHz processor and
    HD5870 Radeon card. Why does most of the game run at 30fps with me? I run
    it at native res.

  17. this may look horrible to you but this was the start of an epic story of
    final fantasy 7. Maybe the best among all FF. The beginning of someting
    that amazed the whole world. FF7 made history.

  18. XD Vincent sounds like Shadow the Hedge Hog! XD

  19. odd how that works considering that this cpu will get almost 60 fps on
    battlefield 3,and that game is one of the most cpu demanding games out. I
    notice can get around 60fps with speed hacks enabled. would you consider
    any game more heavy then shadow of the colossus to run?

  20. Damn dude yu suck at this

  21. Man. I have a modded ps2 that plays game copies, and even I would feel
    ripped off. This looks really bad

  22. i need to go out and find this game again. i miss this game soooo much.

  23. nice shot around 10:59 know any easy ways of adding homebrew to ps2? I just
    want it for the pcsx2

  24. meh

  25. Cloud AND Sephiroth LOOOOOOOL U JELLY BROS?!

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