Double Decker 3D Printer Part 2

Ben continues to work towards building the ultimate 3D printer that can print two objects at once! In today’s episode he builds the X carriage and gets one step closer to finishing the project.
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  1. 12:00 – Twenty millimiters? No… Twenty centimeters. Or two hundred

  2. I’m new to this channel and I don’t doubt that Ben is a very skilled
    person, but I wonder if he is as skilled as these videos make him look. If
    he is, then I am truly inspired.

  3. I think Ive been bitten by the Ben Heck Show bug, I’m always in a constant
    state of awe and inspiration watching these shows, and the rant was
    awesome, boo for higher frame rates!

  4. how does he connect 2 temp sensor to the board?

  5. don’t adjust the stepper pots while the power is on! Its super easy to slip
    and short your board.

  6. AWESOME built Ben…

  7. was thinking “why dont you just use 2 different printers” but then i
    thought about it, having a dual printer means that the stepping of the axis
    is the same, only thing different from the 2 prints is the extruder.

  8. Thanks for vid should consider consolidation of episode parts, notice the
    massive drop of views from part 1 to part 2 to part 3. This lowers the
    commercial value of each additional part. So instead of 3 parts if you
    made 2 parts it probably would be better for all involved. 

  9. can you please make me a 3D printer. I can not live with out one any

  10. This is be the second time we have uploaded the wrong video, and we have
    become exceedingly efficient at it.

  11. I love bacon

  12. element14(DOT)com, then just follow the ben heck show link

  13. Can you provide a link for buying the bushings ? Thanks.

  14. It’s not really the number of FPS that gives a film look the difference
    between 24 and 30 is negligible. The real factor was the size of the
    sensors which gives you that shallow depth of field and the 14 stops of
    dynamic range that film has in comparison to a moderate 10 (or less) that
    video had. Hence with dSLRs the film look could be achieved even dSLRs that
    film on 30 FPS still look cinematic. 48FPS is for kids that grew up on
    60FPS video games. Our generation loves motion blur but 24 is poor

  15. THis is simply just so fucking cool .

  16. Either I missed part one or this is the wrong video.

  17. I went to Element14 to watch Part 1, and the video size is tiny. Went to
    Revision3 to watch it and it won’t play. #firstworldproblems

  18. Something fucked up in the middle. I quit watching

  19. check revision3[dot]com/tbhs/double-decker-3d-printer-part1 for part 1!

  20. Do you ever use AutoCAD to make schematics/designs? Or is illustrator
    easier to use? I know that CAD is used pretty often for this sort of thing.

  21. Genius!

  22. I am trying to build a 3d printer for my 8 th grade science expo but I
    don’t quite have enough money what can I do???

  23. lol

  24. Alright well if you’re going to call me a liar then I’m going to say that I
    doubt you can type your own youtube comments without adult assistance. I
    assure you, us video game kids who tend to find 60hz monitors
    unsatisfactory can tell when a 24fps movie project is flickering on and off.

  25. Now that you have an air compressor you could buy a plasma cutter.

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