Downgrade from windows phone 8.1 to 8.0

Downgrade from windows phone 8.1 to 8.0

DOWNLOAD LINKS AND INFO !!!! PLEASE READ ALL DESCRIPTION !! “There are many people saying its impossible to downgrade.. they are all wrong…so ive made a vi…


  1. +Sreekar nedunuri 10-20 minutes
    im not sure.. go to nokia website

  2. Just a question: Why downgrade?

  3. not work anymore , this program currently is offering a newer version that
    your ( 3056.40000.1349.2003 )

    This program provides the version 3058.50000.1425.0002 (win 8.1)

    Well shit…

  4. no me sale me sale la actualizacion de 4.2.1 y se instala el windows phone
    8.1 y asi no es yo quiero la de windows phone 8

  5. Followed your instructions and it didn’t go back to 8.0. It stuck with 8.1

  6. Hi, I have nokia lumia 625 the problem ocurred when I updated from 8.0 to
    8.1 and my camera isn’t working any more, I tried to downgrade to 8.0 but i
    have not succeded. Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

  7. I upgrade my Nokia 620 and the screen stop touch what make cause this
    problem? Plz Dude Tell me? I’m waiting for you’r Answer?

  8. j’ai un lg e900 jlé fé une mise a jour elle m’as bloqué le tactile qsq jv
    faire ??

  9. Hiiii… I’m successfully Complete my Cyan Updation….Thank You Alin….

  10. +Alin Gheaja have you made a tutorial on manually flashing 8.0 onto 720 ?

  11. hey, i m from india and i want to downgrade HTC 8X ….. will you help me.
    There is no video for Downgrading HTC 8X into 8.0
    plzz send me the link…….. 

  12. i have a lumia 520 RUNNING ON DP 8.1
    when i start the application and connect my phone
    please tell me what can i do to get it right.

  13. Sigo todos los pasos del video una y otra vez vuelvo siempre a la misma
    versión 8.1 no logro llegar a WP8

  14. hey how long will this procedure take? After downgrade can I get cyan

  15. do one for mac

  16. 1349.2003 –> 1349.2003.. its not lumia cyan.. try to downgrade win 8.1
    lumia cyan to win 8.0

  17. I have a lumia 630 that refuses to downgrade from 8.1 to 8.0 after several
    attempts at everything. Have tried the nokia software updater with usb
    cable. The firmware it installs ends in 14235.36002. The issue with lumia
    630 is that flight mode is stuck in on position. Can anyone help me? Really
    want this fixed. Thanks.

  18. Alin bro, Please…Help ! Help !! Help !!!
    it seems ur suggestion has helped many people already.
    here I m also suffering from WP 8.1 and wants to downgrade to 8.0
    immediately, before its too late.
    I read all the comments and decided to follow the same. But on NSU 4.1.0
    I get stuck in the first page only it is showing an update for 4.2.1 which
    cannot be skipped and force to install or exit. 4.2.1 update work for 8.1
    also so it will be of no use to install 4.2.1 cause it will reboot 8.1 only.

    I have already tried out the workoffline option where I can get the
    option “my phone doesnt boot/start” but it does not find firmware/ some…
    update package so the update fails.
    Now could you please suggest where from I can get the fully updated 4.1.0
    (with all update packages) because looking at and reading about all your
    efforts I am completely convinced that yours is the only way now remains to
    downgrade to 8.0.

    Please help and give some suggestion to restore my social life..

    Many many thanks in advance.

  19. Dude , i have tried this and it doesnt work.
    i get back to a previous version of Windows 8.1.
    i dont get the original Windows 8 OS .

  20. dude… I hv isntalled Nokia software update for retail , but it does not
    detect my Lumia, 

  21. I upgrade my Nokia 620 and the screen stop touch what make cause this

  22. my phone os lumia 520 i want to downgrade 8.1 to 8 if there is any bugs on

  23. I have the same phone(Lumia 720) and using DP version! Microsoft says
    they’re going to stop supporting DP version. Can I get the official windows
    8.1 cyan update after downgrading to WP8 ??

  24. I have a lumia 720 which doesn’t start at all since yesterday in the
    I did all kind of reboots … software upgrade with NSU 4.3.2
    the software gets installed but the phone doesn’t restart at all

    any idea ?

  25. man you are the best, at the beginning it said “Reading device information
    failed” but i kept on trying until i got it right

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