Downgrade Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Edition to Official Windows Phone 8.1

This video would show you that how you can downgrade your Nokia Windows Phone with developer preview firmware installed on it to official Cyan update (official Windows Phone 8.1). How to …


  1. Is this possible to give me Windows Phone 10 on my Nokia Lumia 630.

    I have the Denim Update and people say I have to downgrade to Cyan to
    download WP10.

  2. hey can you tell me is it safe to downgrade from windows 10 for technical
    preview version to windows 8.1…I have nokia lumia 730 and it came with
    windows 8.1 denim software. But now i have installed windows 10 preview and
    i just want to go back to windows 8.1…will it affect my phones’s
    performance after downgrade….Will my phone work as it was new…. Please
    reply to my queries…Thank you in advance…

  3. Will this be able to give me Windows 10?

  4. Great video

  5. Really can’t see myself getting rid of the preview for developers anytime
    soon. Verizon is still on Lumia Black for the 928 and it appears that they
    are not making any moves to roll out the Cyan update. Even though most
    carriers had it out for their phones last June. The only reason I might
    need to uninstall is when it comes time to trade in. I’ll definitely be
    making the move to AT&T.

  6. I tried this earlier. I get error at 30% and nothing happens further.

  7. I got error on rom download. Well, IE has some better features so I will
    keep it for a while.

  8. If this works. I will kiss you.

  9. hey is it possible for you to review lumia 730/735?

  10. Nokia software updater tool no works on my PC

  11. is it possible to downgrade to 8.0 black?

  12. You don’t own a single windows PC! You can run windows on a MAC dual boot

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