Downgrade Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows Phone 8.0

This simple guide will help you downgrade any Nokia Lumia handset from WP8.1 to WP8.0 within 1.5 hours, with minimal effort from you!!! Just follow the steps…
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  1. I am still waiting for Nokia Cyan. I want to put my Lumia 1520 to good use.
    Onward. Nice tutorial.

  2. nice video mate
    can u plz upload a video to upgrade from 8 to 8.1 using pc i dnt have a

  3. please tell how to uninstall nokia driver, it’s showing cannot connect
    i m using windows 8 PC

  4. hey, I liked your work. but you can use NOKIA CARE SUITE. I know it doesn’t
    support lumia 525 but I flashed successfuly using it

  5. hi… i am from india. i have lumia 1520 and i m facing problem of its
    display and touch. i also shown in nokia care and they said that your
    warrenty is gone becouse of developers update and you have to charge
    18,000rs for repair . Is it help me to get my warrenty back ?

  6. I have the Nokia Lumia 521 and when I put WP8.1 on it I noticed I couldn’t
    text anyone, and the phone was much more slow, did this happen to your 520?
    It may just be a bug in the system because its still in the BETA stage of
    the WP8.1.

  7. When i connect the phone to pc,via USB cable, appears written in NSU :
    reading device information failed :( . What i do ? Thanks Bro !

  8. If i have windows 8.1 and i make a downgrade to 8.0, will i be able to
    update again with the official 8.1 ( the one that will include firmware)?

  9. help, I have a connection problem: I get stuck in the blue screen to where
    it says “please connect your phone” though my nokia lumia 520 is connected
    to the computer.

    I have Nokia NSU version 4.2.1

  10. Were some datas erased or not. Thank you

  11. I have a Nokia Lumia 920 ….. !!!!!! I am a bit tired of using preview for
    developers so I would really like to downgrade to 8.0 ! But I would like to
    ask you if it is safe…..because my brother tried it on his iPhone ( not
    the one you are showing, it is only for iPhones ) and th Iphone stack ! Is
    there a possibility that I may damage my phone :( please answer me it is
    really important !!!!! And something else , I am not really good with
    technology, do you think it will be hard for me to do ! Because I don’t
    know a lot about this stuff…. Thanks you a lot !
    If you want you can send me an email ! My address
    or you can answer me here :)

  12. it says package download for the selected phone failed :(

  13. error is cmg and m having 520 its says package is not available for this

  14. This does not work. I downloaded the tool, ran it, plugged in my phone and
    when it downloads the update and begins to install it, the screen turns
    black with a large Nokia logo (the word in white letters) and then does
    nothing at all. The only way that I was able to fix it was to give it a
    hard reset and still am running WP 8.1 preview. Don’t listen to these
    people. Microsoft clearly says that you cannot go back after this has been
    installed and they mean it. Specifically, the tool gave me an error. I
    cannot remember which error though. Anyone who may have some insight on
    this, please feel free to comment and help me. Thanks.

  15. thank u vry vry much!! now my lumia 925 is bck to orgnal sttng

  16. Not really recommended!
    For all of you that have ” Could not something something data phone
    If you have USB 3 and 2, use the USb 3 port.
    That way “Nokia care stuff “can at least connect to my 1520.
    I really dont know why, but my phone wont be detected thru the USB 2

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