Fallout 3 – Windows 7/8/8.1 Crash/CTD Fix (In Depth Tutorial/Guide)

MAKE SURE ANNOTATIONS ARE ENABLED! *** DLL Download: mediafire.com/download/flgl2nct1du0y1x/d3d9.dll 1.7 Patch: fallout.bethsoft.com/eng/downloads/updates.php
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I swear to god, this game wasn’t meant for my PC. I’ve tried every solution
    but I keep crashing at the part where you’re a child, the game just
    freezes, and I have to fucking force terminate.

  2. For me the launcher pops up but when I click play it disappears and the
    game doesn’t start.

  3. works. thank you very much 

  4. I only have FalloutPrefs in the folder. I don’t have FALLOUT or even

    help.. :C

  5. Dude, you think it’s possible that this helps in my game Dead Rising 2
    steam version ???
    thanks for you video has helped me with Fallout 3 last year.

  6. ffs, nothing works!
    im starting to give up on fallout 3

  7. Thank you. solve my problem

  8. Isnt there just a patch for 8.1? Something to simplify the process? 

  9. I only have FalloutPrefs in the fallout folder.

  10. Does not work. I have win 8.1. Im kurwa very sad. (And upset to).

  11. I’m not technologicaly smart enough to understand all of these…
    Instructions… :'( had just got this laptop too. I know the specs are more
    than enough but I run Windows 8 and crashes each time… Oh well… That’s
    $10 on steam down the drain 

  12. Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. White screen on birth scene on a fresh
    install and none of this worked.

  13. This vid is uncredable there is a CTD fix on nexus mods

  14. WHYYYYYYYY?!!!!! Tell me God, please, WHYYYY?!!! Do kurwy nędzy pierdolonej

  15. I dunno why but when i try to start the game (nonsteam version) the it
    shows a text that says ”Please insert the correct CD-rom,select OK and
    restart application” I have The CD in and i Patched it and it doesnt wants
    to work! Please help!

  16. Downloading the Fallout 3E 1.7 from bethesda’s site fixed it for me and i
    also changed the code like he did i did that before i downloaded the patch
    it didnt help but maby doing them both did so thx…!!!

  17. it’s don’t working it*s crashing

  18. Ok I appreciate your video but I’ve been searching all over Youtube on how
    to fix this. For me everytime I open the launcher I’ll click Start, and it
    should Launch right? Well not for me. When I click start it opens up like
    its going to work, but the screen stays black for 5 seconds, and my mouse
    cursor starts to go into a circle. Then it crashes, Any Idea’s?

  19. Thanks!

  20. ive tried every fucking thing
    none of it works
    Literally nothing
    Fuck this game, piece of shit.
    If you have something new to try please post it.

  21. too much work I’m just gonna pretend i don’t have this game

  22. sadly when i go to games there is only nexus mod manager i click on it and
    then only skyrim!! cant do it ):

  23. First, my fallout 3 game isn’t fucking fullscreen Second, My Fallout 3 game
    does not support fucking mouse can you show me how to fucking fix this!!

  24. Why is my highest resolution 1280×720?

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