File & Device Shareing Between Windows XP & Windows 7 Simple Folder and Device sharing between Windows XP and Windows 7.


  1. simple and works well between my xp and Windows 8.. by far the best video
    in this topic.. thanks

  2. what about sharing an win 7 folder ?

  3. You didn’t even tell us how to get both computers on the same network…
    That’s what I’m trying to figure out lol.

  4. are the xp pc and w7 laptop connected using a lan cable?

  5. Been trying to find out how to move my music over for almost a year now
    with hundreds of videos watched. This is the first one i found that worked!

  6. Awesome, this works beautifully. Thank you!

  7. Hi Sir
    I have one problem I want a Solution for it
    Q- How to add And Access local SHared printer & Drives from windows 8.1 to

    -2 In an office there are 6 PC with windows XP and one pc has windows 8.1
    on it, all are on same network. The windows 8.1 has the hp LaserJet M1005MFP
    Installed on it and I want to share or add it to windows XP PC Users
    So that They Can Give Print. How to add the Printer In Xp From Windows 8

    1- Also How to Share Drive From Windows 8.1 SO xp Users Can Access Them


    Hoping For A solution From U
    Please make a video Sir
    Thank Tou

  8. I have just done this,moved music-pics-vids even 200+SONGS off windows
    media player.THANKS VERY MUCH 

  9. my computer doesn’t show up 

  10. as soon as i click on the name of xp pc under network… it is asking for
    username and password.. what to do???

  11. as easy as this THANK YOU so much, MUCH HELP

  12. u did not explain the ip address or the type of connection. example wire or

  13. I can’t view my shared XP folders on the target laptop. It is running
    Windows 7 Home Basic and registers that it has been connected to an
    “Unidentified Network” in the toolbar on the bottom right of the screen.
    However, under Computer >Network, it does not pick up the XP computer. I
    know that the Windows 7 laptop is normally shared in a different network
    but I wouldn’t think that this would cause a problem. Do you have any
    solutions? Thanks 

  14. Remember that all shared computers must be in the same workgroup. I noticed
    that the XPPC computer in this demo was in a workgroup called “WORKGROUP.”
    While that’s the default group name in Windows 7, the default group name in
    Windows XP is “MSHOME.”

    So be sure to check on both machines.

    Also, Windows 7 will not allow you to share the root drive, as Windows XP
    will. If you have an external hard drive on Windows 7 and want your XP
    computer to have full access to all files, create a master folder on the
    external drive, then put everything else on the drive inside it and share
    the folder. Your XP machine(s) will be able to see, read, and access the
    master folder, even if the root drive is not accessible.

  15. Thanks great help

  16. so one of my computers display was turned off. the monitor was uninstalled
    or something close to it. can i use this method to get into the display
    settings of the other computer using a 2nd computer?

  17. Is this ‘Peer to Peer’ networking? If not, how would I do that?

  18. Thanks for your info…..i was just searching for a good tutorial …here
    it is!!!!

  19. Thank you for the video. Could you show us the opposite from 7 to Xp. thank

  20. Thank my god I still hear a well your good but PC talk is another language
    I messed my xp n 7.0 xp desk top n 7.0 laptop n I know i messed with files
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  21. man there is no easier way of explaining you’re good. 

  22. thank you so much. so simple and straight forward! 

  23. Nice and easy thanks

  24. nice video tutorial..can i know, what program you use to make this video.i
    mean software recoder you use..can zoom in zoom out..

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