Files, official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1

You’ve been waiting for it and now it’s finally here. Files by Microsoft has just officially arrived at the Windows Phone Store and we’ve spent some time wit…
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  1. I miss WP but Android has way many more features. S5 for the time.

  2. @Lord Mada Ie . I don’t see any window in my phone so why called windows

  3. Sad, that looks like half a manager,
    Symbian had a better file manager than this s###

  4. Windows Phone and Google Mail really?

  5. I think microsoft should make their apps such as store,files,xbox
    music,photots,VIDEOS…more attractive cuz for an attractive phone like
    lumia the os is full of black and white.They should atleast add a bit grey

  6. unlike other third-party file managers, this does not support moving or
    copying entire folder. hope they will add this feature.

  7. hahaha glad I got a Samsung Windows phone 8.1 because it has MicroSD Card
    most nokia don’t have it.

  8. It’s kinda sad that neither Android or iOS have official file managers yet.
    Great job Microsoft.

  9. can you mark multiple files ?

  10. could not find it in the store!

  11. beautiful… just made my amazing Lumia 1250 even better!!!!!!

  12. Do this work on Nokia Lumia 520? 

  13. Awesome. I’ve been waiting for such file manager app from Microsoft on
    Windows 8 since the 1st Surface release. Hope they make this a universal

  14. Can you attack multiple files for sharing?

  15. What about attaching files from emails? Can we open this File manager and
    choose multiple files for attachments?

  16. love nokia lumia and wp but not considering to buy one in the future
    because of app store.

  17. its great anyway….Niceeee**Pari**

  18. Can I use an Micro USB thumbdrive into Lumia Icon or Lumia 930?

  19. Love my WP and Nokia 1020! Can’t wait to get Cyan update…

  20. I wonder if you can multiple select? 

  21. Can we attach Microsoft excel and Words file when we REPLYING an email but
    not creating a new email in Lumia devices? Thanks.

  22. Can I Download Here Maps on samsung device ?

  23. Ive installed this app on my lumia 925 Dev Pre wp 8.1 updated version
    1345.1009. The app unable to detect pdf files ive downloaded frm my email.
    Cld anyone help me on this? Anyone xperiencing the same? My downloads file
    empty even ive downloaded the attchment…. also, this app unable to detect
    word, excel in my phone storage…. pls help.

  24. why can’t we install apps or games from this “files” ?
    how can we install apps if we have those apps in phone folder ?

  25. awesome (y)

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