Final Fantasy XII Zeromus Esper boss 1080p running on PCSX2 1.1.0

Final Fantasy XII Zeromus Esper boss 1080p running on PCSX2 1.1.0

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  1. I have downloaded PCSX2 and what i thought was a ROM for this game.
    But it wont even recognise it?
    The file i downloaded from Coolrom but its a Disc image file.
    What do you need for games to actually play on this?

  2. If they do the HD remaster for this it might look close to FF13

  3. HOW do you get graphichs like that
    I play on ps2 with a 42″ tv but my graphicks are not near that

  4. g2020
    radeonhd 7700
    8gb ram
    resolution x 3 – run smooth , always 60.

  5. I remember Zeromus from final fantasy 4. He was a bitch to fight.

  6. Can you please tell me where you got your ROM from, or did you run it from
    an ISO to be seen as a disc?

  7. Will an Amd Fx 6300 , 8 gb of ram and gtx 650 play all ps2 game on this
    emulator ? I tested on dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 , ssx tricky and god of war
    and runs at 60 fps ! Can it run GoW 2 and Final Fantasy XII ?

  8. Clamping mode? which setting?

  9. just to let people know
    this game play without problems in 1080p using a pc:
    Phenom x4 9950
    with ONLY 2gbram

    just perfect is the name of this emulator, this game and Suikoden 3
    graphics are MUCH better than the ps2 version!

  10. Is there a way to play this game with just the keyboard or do you have to
    have a controller ? 

  11. Depends on the game. Did you check the new MTVU speed hack? Helps a ton in
    some games with quad cores

  12. yeah, this final fantasy is one of the best ps2 rpg game :3 i love it, i
    still haven’t finished it yet, ill give it another try emulating it this

  13. lol i realized i dont really know how to change my games resolution :( do i
    got into config>video>plugin settings??? its at 1024×1024 would i have to
    make it custom and lower it to like 800×800? ima noob i know

  14. FFXII scales up amazingly, i think it’s the only game that scales this well
    when using higher resolutions. FFX looks great too, not THIS good but still
    much better looking than the original 😉

  15. Una Pregunta TEAM PCSX2 anda el emulador en mi pc portatil solo tiene esto
    INTEL ATOM inside 1.7 2 nucleos fisicos y 2 logicos , tarjeta grafica intel

  16. i just dont like vaan… what the heck… otherwise this game is very nice.

  17. Dragon Age is a great game and so is this.

  18. Use the same settings we use then? 😛

  19. Finished it on PCSX2 some weeks ago :>

  20. In fact, above 1080p (1920×1080). It was rendered at 2048×1792.

  21. o i must of missed that lil tip, ill give that a shot thanks! i really
    wouldnt mind playing it on a lower res to get a higher frame rate,
    especially when im just leveling or farming items.

  22. It can launch it, not sure if it will be enough for full speed…is that an
    AMD one?

  23. There are ways to use your PS2 save on PCSX2 using some tools :)

  24. It is probably your graphics card. Try overclocking your CPU to 3Ghz if you
    know what you’re doing.

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