First Look: Windows 8.1 Update 1 Pre-Release Build 9600.16596 – Modern Apps, Taskbar + MORE

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. the whole problem with win8 is the metro mode and desktop mode. having two
    modes is stupid. apps not being able to run in multiple windows is stupid

  2. How do u get this?

  3. Will Microsoft ever fix the scroll bar? I actually like Windows 8, but that
    one little thing constantly pisses me off. It’s really hard to navigate
    with it because of the basically nonexistent contrast.
    Who the hell thought this would be a good idea?

  4. Did the Windows Store change? You showed it to us when you were offline,
    but then you went online and didn’t open the store again. Did the store UI

  5. You’re not connected to the internet. That would annoy me.

  6. From 2:07 minute on, youre trying to close by title x, have you tried just
    to go right top corner then hit mouse? Maybe a tiny bit before the right
    side option bar comes?

    I guess its not meant to do it like you try, in the middle go up with
    mouse, then on that REALY tiny bar go all the way right side, then klick.

    This new right-click context in modernUI is total ugly! I was realy hoping
    that microsoft goes some steps forward, introducing the PIE menues, which
    would be realy a uniqe and awesome new way to save time and nervs.

    There a so many studies out there, powering the usability of PIE controls
    instead of the good old known line by line popups.

  7. does 8.1 users will have to pay for this “update 1” ???

  8. Like it

  9. In the All Apps view, you can change the density of the tiles now so you
    can see more (its in settings in the charms.

  10. God, the desktop interface is taking over the metro.. 

  11. Dude! What you speak is not English ! It’s a mess!
    Can someone translate this into American English ????

  12. To get the task bar back once it hides in a modern app, press Windows
    button + T. 

  13. Step by step and we are getting closer to Windows 7 functionality of Start
    Not that I miss it, though!
    Rumor has it that Windows 9 shall be that Grand Unifying OS.
    Anyway, Thanks for preview! Keep on doing good job!

  14. How many more versions are needed to add a white glow/outline on the title
    of every window, so that you can put a black theme color??? Now if you do
    that, you are unable to read the title at all! I’m shocked that it’s still
    not fixed!!!

  15. Well Widows 8.1 is another train wreck. I hope someday “Windows 9” will
    actually be user friendly. I will hold tight to my Windows 7 until
    Microsoft pries it from my cold dead hands! :(

  16. when will this update release?

  17. it wasnt working because of the screen-cast i think!!

  18. All the problems this guy had, I did not see at all in my install of
    8.1.1. This guy’s machine must either be virtual (which would have a whole
    lot of problems anyway) or just a sucky piece of hardware.

  19. I already liked Windows 8, but the quick close in the top right hand corner
    is quite nice!

  20. Can’t you get banned for downloading this? 

  21. Some pretty neat changes I’m looking forward to :)

  22. Wow, win8 looks much better now (since I downgrade to win7), but I am still
    waiting win9 :)

  23. These updates are very nice. But I still don’t get why people are SO
    against windows 8. I’ve been running it since beta and yes, it took a bit
    of time to get used to but after a week I got to the point where I NEVER
    see the start screen. I’m always on the desktop, never got a start menu
    replacement app either. Pinned all my mostly used programs to the taskbar
    and that’s it. And when I need to use the start screen for an app I don’t
    use often, I open it and start typing then hit enter. So simple, really
    don’t see why people hate it so damn much!

  24. win 8.1 update 1 hmm nop still win 7 fan

  25. ‘Show store apps on the taskbar’

    That should be activated by default. What’s the point having only half your
    running programs showing?

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