Fix Low Screen Resolution after updating to Windows 8.1

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  1. You’re a life saver. This was driving me crazy!


  3. Please let me know how to fix and installed Intel graphic, I have tried all
    Intel graphics but its can not be installed on my laptop. It say your
    computer doesn’t meet minimum requirements.

  4. so i have a 24 in monitor and i just got this computer so it wont use the
    entire monitor it has about a 1 in gap from what it shows to where it
    should show can i please have help im on windows 8.1

  5. thanks for the help!

  6. Thanks, dude!

  7. wonder if take out battery out so there be no password so i do not have
    out of range so i can restart computer so do not have to use password so i
    can Fix Low Screen Resolution

  8. hi

  9. Encontré otra forma para bajar la resolución de la pantalla, lo hice en
    windows 8.1, no se si ya la han comentado:
    – En el escritorio dar click derecho y elegir: Resolución de pantalla
    – Dar click en la opción: Configuración avanzada
    – En la ventana que se muestra, en la pestaña ‘Adaptador’ elegir la opción:
    Mostrar todos los modos
    – Elegir la opción que se desee y que pueda funcionar, dar click en Aceptar
    en las ventanas hasta regresar a la de Resolución de pantalla
    – Ahora salen mas opciones de ajuste de resolución para elegir

    Espero les sirva
    ( Se darán cuenta que algunas aplicaciones nuevas o que están hechas para
    Windows 8.1 no se logran ejecutar con menor resolución )

  10. i have a different problem, so i did a system restore and (my monitor is a
    1920×1080) and it only gives me three options for screen resolution how do
    i fix it 

  11. hello how to change the mobile pc display into my display card gforce? I am
    using a dell laptop 

  12. your a life saver 😀 

  13. Ohh TNX Really Tnx

  14. dont have thsi option:(

  15. hey I just got a new cyberpower pc. it came with windows 8.1. but for
    someone reason the display is not clear white. its kind a green/grayish.
    could you please tell me why its like this and how can I fix it?
    thank you

  16. Great. Thanks for posting. this problem bothered me a lot and even tech
    support guys could not fix from Sony support.

  17. That box is already checked when i go to it so i can’t apply any chnges

  18. I’m glad I could help :)

  19. thanks for posting. i was getting ready to throw my computer out the window

  20. Haha yepp! Formula 1!

  21. I wasn’t aware that this was a race.

  22. Lol i already have a fix for this on my page.

  23. Well in that case, game on :)

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