Fix “Your PC needs to be repaired” error using a Windows 8 DVD

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  1. @roberto acuna
    Theoretically no files should be lost, because this process should repair
    only some Windows system files…

  2. I already follow your step. But in the end it said automatic repair
    couldn’t repair your PC. What should I do?

  3. How would
    I get the windows 8 ISO file?

  4. @Tun Kyaw
    yes, try it

  5. thank you, but i tried to do as your suggesting , didn”t work, so i bought
    another pc, question don”t you need to repair your bios file a/// when
    microsoft was updating is when nd find out just what part of the bios is
    damaged, and why, what is missing or corrupted, what the hell is going on
    with my message???

  6. Ok so I get Error Code: 0xc0000034, and I don’t have a windows 8 DVD or
    CD, I don’t know what to do I cannot get
    Out of the recovery menu, it just brings me to InsydeH20 Setup Utility,
    please help!

  7. My computer isnt disk compatible, what do I do?

  8. My CD doesn’t work, it says the computer can’t read it, its windows 8, i
    think it got a virus or something. HEEEEELP!

  9. Help my windows 8 gataway keep showing me, your PC couldn’t start properly.
    And this code 0×0000001 please I need help.

  10. This also results in V5-572PG Acer with Windows 8?

  11. Hey, my computer, when you click ‘repair your computer’, thinks for second
    and then just displays a blank purple screen and does nothing. It also will
    stop working when installiing….. oh wait it might have worked,,,, It
    seems to just take a really, really long time.

  12. I am very tired…… of trying to install windows 7 on my PC, I just can
    not install, please help me … “il problema è 0xc000000f ” i beg you…
    Help me .. how? I can install Windows 7 on the computer. I have seen more
    than 100 videos on youtube and I already follow their step but doesn’t
    work… i beg you… Help me,,,, my is HP-250 G3 sirial :

  13. Do all computers come with a CD?
    Can I do this using a usb?

  14. Is there anything Going to be deleted

  15. I just bought a new HDD and try to install windows 8. I got same massage
    how to fix? I have a bootable USB drive

  16. any help ? my keyboard dont work in BIOS :/

  17. My computer is a lenovo corei5 with windows 8 pro. This error apears and
    says thats a driver error. But when I turn on the computer doens’t apears
    this options like your video. It only shows the inicial face and the option
    to f8 and some things to do but no one works, what can i do? Sorry, my
    english sucks

  18. Hmm, i have one windows 7 dvd but i dont know if it works, next time that i
    am going to get windows 8.1 ill download the preview instead of downloading
    it on a torrent site :/

  19. Why W8 DVD to repair Windows 7?
    I have a Samsung laptop, it shows the ERROR CODE 0xc0000034, when I insert
    the DVD of W8 or W7, it can’t start from the DVD and always shows me the
    same screen with the error. I only have the option to go to BIOS but I
    think I can’t do anything from there.

  20. i got this on my phone?

  21. I have this error message, but I don’t have a cd drive.. how do I fix this?

  22. hey Man.

    thank you

  23. How can I fix this without the windows cd?

  24. Where can you get the disk from PLZ tell me 

  25. hey i have error 0xc0000185 & my laptop is asus s200e !!! what to do

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