Flipboard on Windows 8.1

Flipboard developer, Filipe Fortes, walks you through our new edition of the app available for Windows 8.1. It’s a truly beautiful, custom experience with un…
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  1. Get a complete tour of Flipboard for Windows 8.1 with this video.

  2. *This will help in my quest to spend more time on metro modern UI.

    +Stephen Glasskeys would probably say that this one comes from the *What
    Took Them So Long* department. 

  3. Thank you so much!! This app is great plus I can view my tumblr and
    SoundCloud account from here.

  4. Finally 

  5. man! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. 

  6. Windows Phone 8 please and thanks

  7. Flipboard for win 8.1 is here.

  8. I use Flipboard on my Android phone, amazing. I tried to use it on my
    Windows 8 (non-touch) computer and found it frustrating. Very difficult to
    navigate and uninstalled it. Poorly designed for a non-touch computer. I
    wish I could simply access and use Flipboard via a web-browser somehow. 

  9. How to make the font size bigger? I think the text is too small to read.

  10. Flipboard on Windows 8.1

  11. AWESOME !!!
    That is the proper way to display content on a screen based device. It
    makes webpages look awful in comparison.
    However what still puzzles me is the question where to place ads. Ads rake
    in money which is required to make companies stay afloat.

  12. We want/need you guys on Windows Phone!

  13. Thanks!

  14. Please make a version for Windows Phone as well. I can’t wait to use it on
    my Surface. Thanks for making it for us Windows users.

  15. Awesome =D

  16. Good news for windows 8

  17. Attention Windows Flipboard enthusiasts: Flipboard will become available in
    the store at 7:00 EST today. It is currently unavailable to download until

  18. I’ve never used it, but it is amazing! Installed it on my Windows 8, and it
    is approved!
    Now, waiting for the Windows Phone version!

  19. finally! 

  20. I need tech help, I have not a touchscreen monitor . flipbook navigation is
    non existant in the app for win8x

  21. I will love it sir

  22. So far so good! Waiting the wp8 version now :)

  23. What an amazing app! This version for W8 looks amazing; in fact the design
    super minimalistic and the effects flipping pages and all the other stuff
    is super accurate and… PERFECT! Thank you so much, Flipboard team to work
    as you work, allowing us to enjoy the way we enjoy with your app. It’s
    seems very cursy, I know, but I had to write it! Jajaja

  24. Seriously. Where is it? Not in my Windows Store. 

  25. Finally Flipboard is on Windows 8.1

    #windows8 #flipboard #microsoft #windowsstore 

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